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Displaying Google Adsense in Blogs
by: George Manty
GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ can be a great tool for making money. Blogs are also becoming a great tool for making money. Many people know that the most profitable position to place GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ ads is inline with your article text. The dilemna many of us face is that the GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ Terms of Service only allow 3 ad blocks per page. The reason this is a problem for bloggers is that most blogs show more than three posts on the main page or in the archives section of the site. When this is the case you can't post an article GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ in the article.

While setting up my wife and her friend's new site (, I came up with a trick using JavaScript to fix that problem. The code I wrote works perfectly in WordPress, but you should be able to adapt it to any blog that uses templates.

Step 1. In the head section of the template (between the <head> and </head> tags), you insert the following JavaScript code:

<script> var temp=0; </script>

Step 2. Go to the template used to display your post (in WordPress the main template). Then insert the following code inside the display area for the post:

<script> if (temp>2) document.write("<div style='visibility:hidden;height=1px;font-size:0;display:none'>"); </script>

Step 3 Insert your GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ code directly following the </script> tag that you inserted in Step 2 above.

Step 4 Insert the following code after the </script> tag from the GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ code you inserted in step 3 :

<script> if (temp>2) document.write("</div>"); temp++; </script>

Step 5. Save your changes and test it out.

What this does is create a new DIV section in your code that is hidden if it appears more than three times on the page. So only three ads will appear on any page. If you use GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ in other places in your blog, then you will need to adjust the number "temp" in the first step up to display less inline ads. For instance, only two inline ads will appear if you change the code to:

<script> var temp=1; </script>

Only one inline ad will appear if you change it to:

<script> var temp=2; </script>

I hope this code helps you to make money online. Feel free to let others know about this trick, just be sure to let them know where you heard about it.
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