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Need More Room in Your Closet? Try a Custom Closet Organizer -
by: Steve Valentino
How much time do you spend searching for lost items? If you’re like most Americans, you probably spend about four weeks a year just looking for things. Much of that time is spent rummaging through the closet, tossing aside old clothes and worn-out shoes. Imagine what you could do with that extra time.

From kitchen pantries to bedroom closets, from children’s closets to office space—all closets could benefit from organization. Well-designed closet organizers can be bought from local home improvement stores and department stores. However, if you have special needs or simply desire a one-of-a-kind closet, custom closet organizers are available to custom fit closet space of any shape or size. Custom closet organizers are designed to fit your specific needs.

Some companies offer an online “design wizard,” allowing you to put in dimensions of your closet and the desired components. You can choose the type of material, color, and style. You can also select the types of knobs or handles desired. Available accessories include belt rack, tie rack, jewelry tray, hooks, drawers, and shoe racks. The wizard will then show a drawing or picture of the proposed custom closet. Upon approval, the company will send you fully-assembled pieces. You simply have to install.

Another option for custom closet organizers is to have a professional closet consultant come to your home or office. This person will evaluate your space, your décor, and your needs. Based on your budgetary constraints and your design requirements, the consultant will make recommendations for a custom closet. They then build the pieces (or have them built) and install. These people generally charge per hour in addition to the cost of materials and commission.

With custom closet organizers, you have some options that are not normally available at the local home improvement store. For example, islands and benches can be installed in large closets to create a dressing room. Dressers can be placed inside the closet to free space in the bedroom. This is especially helpful in smaller bedrooms or for customers with large beds.

With a larger budget, you can create a truly unique closet for any room.

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