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Double The Storage Space In Your Bedroom Closet
by: Lee Dobbins
Everyone needs more storage space, right? Well a good closet organizer can double the storage space in your closet and make it easier for you to find just what you need.

Thereís 2 basic types of closet organizers. One is actually more like closet furniture and has built in drawers cubbies and of course poles to hang your clothes. These can run you quite a bit of money but do a great job to organize and beautify your closet and will be durable enough to last a long time. A less costly alternative is found in wire closet organizers that offer almost the same amount of organization but arenít as pretty and may not wear as well. Both kinds will work with a walk in closet or a simple reach in closet.

When buying an organizer system for you closet, you want to keep in mind what kind of clothing you have and how much of it. Do you have tons of shoes, but not a lot of shirts? Then you'll want more storage units for shoes. If you have a lot of hats, scarves and purses, make sure you design in storage space for those. Your organizer system should be customized to the types of clothing and accessories you own as much as possible.

There are many different storage units you can incorporate into your closet design to make things easier to find and also give you more storage space. Some of the organizer units you might want to think about include:

Shoe Cubes - each cube fits a pair of shoes and they stack on top of each other so all your shoes are available at a glance
Shelves - for folded jeans, sweaters, purses and hats
Tiered Tie Racks - for ties, scarves or belts
Drawers - for those personal items you donít want to leave out in the open
Slide Out Bins - great for laundry, just slide them out and bring them down to the washer.

A well though out closet organizer design can double or even triple your storage space. Don't forget to add stacked rods for your shorter items to hang on top of each other which gives you twice as much space in the same linear area.

About the author:
Lee Dobbins is editor of Bedroom Designs and Decorations where you can find great bedroom design ideas for dozens of bedroom themes.

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