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With a stylish bathroom vanity you can take pride in your bathroom’s appearance!
by: Caroline Smith
An easy way to instantly improve your bathroom’s image is to buy a stylish new bathroom vanity set. Bathroom vanity sets come in a huge range styles and finishes. They typically include a sink cabinet, a mirror and a stool or a chair. A vanity unit can become a stunning focal point of the room and also has a practical function. Combining practicality with elegance and style can be a surefire winner in any bathroom!

Your choice of vanity set can reflect your personality and individual style, as well as being a perfect fit with your bathroom’s character and design. There are so many different types of vanities out there that it helps if you have a general idea of the style you’re after. Perhaps you want a continuation of the theme from the adjoining room, be that a modern, antique or country look.

If your house has period features an antique vanity unit can add to its charm. There is a huge variety of vintage vanity sets available on the internet these days, including genuine Victorian sinks. If you are looking for a quintessential symbol of a bygone age, then the beauty and quality of an antique vanity can be a wonderful way to achieve this. Alternatively, there are many brand new vanity cabinets made in an old fashioned style and finished to suggest an aged look. Furniture styles with design features such as Queen Ann legs or decorative toe kicks are a popular choice.

Bathroom vanities can be tailor made to meet your specific requirements. For example, you can take you pick from a selection of different counter tops. And you can choose from a variety of sinks made from stone or porcelain, or even hand crafted from blown glass. You can select whether you want a polished wood, or a hand painted finish, as well as matching the hardware to your existing fixtures. The storage space inside the cabinet can also be adapted to your needs, by adding a door rack or hidden compartments for instance.

With some thought and creativity your bathroom vanity set can become a beautiful centerpiece of your room, something you can be really proud of!

About the author:
Caroline Smith is a successful freelance writer who has written many articles for experts when it comes to choosing stylish bathroom vanities, shower curtains, shower doors and other bathroom accessories.

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