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Personalizing Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Makeover
by: ARA
(ARA) - There are certain things you can always count on this time of year -- warmer temperatures outside, birds flying home after a long winter, more daylight and people getting the itch to finally renovate that kitchen or bathroom that’s been bothering them for years.

In fact according to Kitchen & Bath Business magazine, more than $70 billion will be spent in 2004 to do just that. People spend months (and thousands of dollars) drawing up plans, shopping for appliances and fixtures, color matching cabinets or countertops, picking out that oversized corner tub and deciding which type of faucets and accessories will best highlight all of the other decisions they make.

Today, there are thousands of choices in the faucet category. Traditional styles, contemporary styles, and now, there are even “transitional” styles that will look good in either setting. As a shopper, not only do you get to choose the style, you get to choose the finish. There’s chrome, brushed chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, satin nickel, chrome with satin nickel accents, brass, brushed Brass, polished brass, and the list goes on.

So why do manufacturers of these faucets offer so many choices in styling and finishes? “Personalization,” says Jeff Pratt, vice president of sales for Danze, a manufacturer of decorative plumbing products including kitchen and bath faucets, bath accessories and showerheads. “Years ago, there seemed to be a few standard finishes and styles in both kitchen and bath faucets,” says Pratt. “Now consumers expect -- and deserve -- a variety of choices so they can bring their lifestyle and individual personality into their home.”

According to Pratt, the ability to purchase decorative, beautiful styles and finishes used to be more exclusive to those who could afford to spend a lot of money on their renovation or new construction project. But, with manufacturers like Danze on the scene, high fashion and design are more attainable for the mainstream homeowner.

“Everyone wants a beautiful faucet, bath accessory or showerhead to accent the new environment they’re creating, but not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on those components alone,” says Pratt. “Danze can offer consumers both a unique style with a gorgeous finish and a great price. We call it affordable luxury.”

Luxury has definitely been a hot topic among consumers doing kitchen makeovers in recent years. High-rise kitchen faucets, over-sized pull-down faucets and pot fillers have all seen a spike in sales across the country. Homeowners at varying socio-levels are striving for the high-end, commercial-grade kitchen.

Part of the commercial-grade residential kitchen includes enhancing the functionality of the space, which often means multiple faucets. It’s now common to see a primary sink/faucet, a faucet behind the stove and a bar/convenience sink either within the center island or in an alcove space just off the main room.

But luxury isn’t limited to the kitchen. Bathroom renovations have seen tremendous growth within recent years. Whether it’s an elegant powder room or an expansive master bedroom suite, bathroom faucets, accessories and shower systems continue to lead the way in accenting (or determining) a room’s personality.

As vessel lavatory sinks soar in popularity, so do their companion faucets. These wall mount faucets provide simplicity and uniqueness that can soon become the focal point of any lavatory vessel sink environment.

Styling in the bathroom has also evolved over recent years. “Transitional” styling has now complemented the traditional and contemporary style offerings. “The Danze Bannockburn Collection is the industry’s newest introduction in transitional styling,” continues Pratt. “It uses elements of both traditional and contemporary styling, allowing it to be at home in either environment. And, this latest collection showcases a new, beautiful finish called brushed brass.”

So what should you keep in mind as you choose from the thousands of decorative products available for your kitchen or bath project? Here are a few helpful hints:

* Select faucets and accessories that are within scale of other elements in the room. If you’re putting in an over-sized integrated kitchen sink, be bold with a high-rise pull-down faucet. If a large stovetop is in your plan, install a pot filler on the back wall to make filling pots or large pans easier.

* Carry the styling and finish throughout the entire room. As you choose the faucet for your bathroom project, make sure your bath accessories are available in that same style and finish. It keeps the personality you brought to the room consistent (not to mention it adds beauty to even the smallest detail -- robe hook, toilet paper holder, towel bars, etc.).

* Don’t sell yourself short in the shower. Unique showerheads and shower systems continue to grow in popularity and can also bring a bit of customization to your bathroom. Watch for fun and interesting showerhead styles such as spinning showerheads, ceiling mounts, large 10-inch downpour showerheads and stylish hand-held personal showers. Again, keep the styling and finish compatible with other fixtures in the room whenever possible.

* Research a product’s quality. A pretty faucet isn’t pretty if it leaks or doesn’t operate smoothly. Find products that offer solid brass construction, ceramic disc valves and other high-quality components that ensure a long-lasting, reliable product. You don’t want to renovate that same room next Spring!

* Compare prices. Luxury doesn’t have to mean high prices. Shop around for the styling and finish that you prefer and then compare prices with other brands that offer a similar style. More manufacturers entering the category means the affordable luxury mentality will bring more value to consumers.

The choices you have available to you for that next home remodeling project are endless. So bring out that personality, extend it into your home and enjoy it. Because no matter who you are, where you come from or what personality traits you possess, we all want the same outcome at the end of this process -- a beautiful room with great styling and design.

For more information on the beauty and variety of the Danze line or for a retailer nearest you, call (877) 530-3344 or visit

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Courtesy of ARA Content

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