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Design Savvy Consumers Tackle Bathroom Decor
by: ARA
(ARA) - Practically everywhere you look these days there’s a TV show or a magazine article devoted to home makeovers, decorating tips or remodeling. Not just for the professionals anymore, home design has entered the mainstream and consumers are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be.

“Interest in the home is definitely on the upswing, but I think it is more than just a trend,” says Ann Roever, product manager for Kohler Co., which designs products for the kitchen and bath. “I see it as a natural evolution of our culture and lifestyle -- 'design' is spreading into the home.”

All this attention to design has not only stimulated more interest in home decorating, but has also served to educate consumers. There is much more awareness about trends and what constitutes value. Consumers now have the confidence to choose what they want, and they know how to put it all together.

“Consumers are getting an eye for and a feel for design -- traditional, contemporary, eclectic or international,” says Roever.

This new design consciousness has even entered the bathroom. “Bathrooms aren’t just utilitarian spaces anymore, they are now extensions of the bedroom: a place you can go to relax or retreat,” explains Roever.

The bathroom decorations are now as carefully coordinated as those in other parts of the house. To assist consumers, Kohler develops complete design solutions that eliminate the guesswork and concerns about having to coordinate an entire bathroom. Called the bathroom suite, it offers an array of integrated products including fixtures, faucet choices and decorative bath accessories that are designed to coordinate well together.

“Bathroom suites take the worry out of the decision-making process,” says Roever. “A homeowner can fall in love with the look of a product -- say a pedestal lavatory -- and know that there are other products that go with that particular piece.”

Kohler’s bathroom suites are offered in a range of designs with numerous choices within each line. For example, the Memoirs suite, which is architecturally based and inspired by traditional crown molding, offers six different toilets, a bidet, a whirlpool, a cast iron bathtub, an acrylic soaker tub, two lines of faucets, pedestal lavatories and bath accessories. Homeowners can outfit more than one bathroom, and each will be completely different, yet the designs will be complementary.

Arguably, the most universal design of all the Kohler suites is the new Devonshire. "With the Devonshire suite, Kohler is offering more than one design at a competitive price point. Kohler knows that every consumer has different interests and tastes, and we’re offering many more design choices for every budget," says Roever.

Most suites at this entry price-point are ensembles -- they don’t include bathing or showering components. But with Devonshire, Kohler offers a bathtub, a whirlpool, a shower door, mirrored cabinets, bath accessories and, of course, faucets.

For more information about Kohler bathroom suites, call (800) 4-KOHLER or visit

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