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Tips for Christmas Shopping for Babies and Infants
by: Katie Rose
A baby's first Christmas will always be treasured by his parents and when it comes to gift-giving this is a perfect time to start your own tradition, like buying a special holiday ornament representing the events of the year - either personally or something from world events or special celebrations, like the Olympics or a World Series or Super Bowl-themed ornament.

Here are some other can't-miss gifts for Christmas for a newborn:

Piggy Bank: A piggy bank can be so much more than a place to hold loose change - a hand-painted and personalized bank is a collectible gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. It will also come in handy when the child is older as a great way to teach a young child how to start saving and managing his money.

Classic Baby Toys: Nostalgia is the new "new." Parents love to see their kids play with the toys of their own youth. Shop around for old-school Fisher Price people and buildings, wooden ABC blocks, shape sorters, Care Bears, jack-in-the-boxes. If you know the parents well it should be fairly easy to figure out what classic toys they enjoyed as children.

Diaper Cakes: If you ask new parents what they spend the most money on they will almost always tell you it is diapers. A diaper cake is a thoughtful gift - the cakes are made up of either disposable or cloth diapers and resemble a tiered cake - think wedding cake for babies. They almost always include other accessories such as toys, bibs, clothes, socks, pajamas, rattles or blankets and often a keepsake as a little gift for mom. Diaper cakes are also perfect for baby showers or to present on arrival home from the hospital.

Educational Toys: Every parent loves educational toys. Why not maximize playtime by learning a motor skill? There
are plenty of toys geared toward fine motor development or that have striking contrasting patterns for baby to look at and talk to. Teethers and blankets with tags or a satin stripe of a blanket offer various sensations when baby rubs them or puts them in his mouth.

Books: Another great idea, and something I always buy for new babies, is a book. Parents are swamped with toys and clothing on the birth of a baby and at Christmastime - toys break or children get bored with them, but you can start building a library that the whole family can enjoy for years. Soft, squeaky or washable books are perfect for babies and real little kids, but don't be afraid to buy books that are a little ahead of where baby is - he will grow into it soon enough and it will live on his bookshelf longer.

Spend some time thinking about the baby and his parents and family life and try to tailor your decisions to what is important to them - is the family religious or spiritual? are the parents musically inclined? is mom a writer? is dad a NASCAR fan or a hockey fan? You are sure to come up with a perfect gift every time if you strive to make it personal and meaningful.

About the author:
Copyright 2005 Katie Rose Kids Clothing Toys and Unique Keepsake Gifts

Katie Rose is the owner of Katie Rose Kids - an online boutique for clothing, toys and unique gifts for preemies, infants, toddlers, preschoolers and moms too. We have baby shower gift, as well as bath accessories, baby slings, books, decor, educational toys and personalized clothes, blankets and keepsake gifts. Perfect for Christmas, Easter, Valentines and other Holiday presents and Katie Rose Intimates Sexy Costumes and Lingerie - a fine lingerie shop featuring romantic Christmas and holiday gifts, fantasy clothing, leather and lace and intimate apparel in sexy, erotic, romantic and unique styles - with special attention for the plus size woman.

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