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The Chinese Year of the Monkey
by: Tony Luck
There are twelve Chinese year signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Unlike in our western astrology, in Chinese astrology each sign lasts for a year. Legend has it that as Buddha was about to depart the earth he summoned all the animals to say goodbye. Only twelve turned up so, to show his appreciation of their loyalty, he vowed that from then on each year would bear the name of one of the animals.

Chinese astrology is based on the Lunar Calendar. This means the Chinese New Year does not fall on the same day each year and can vary by as much as 3 weeks. So for babies born in late January/early February it is necessary to consult the charts to determine the correct sign.

You will find a chart of the dates and signs below. Each sign repeats every 12 years, so 2006/7 will be the year of the Dog. For exact dates visit our website. Following the chart you will find the characteristics of people born during the Chinese Year of The Rooster.

9 February 2005 - 28 January 2006: Rooster
22 January 2004 - 8 February 2005: Monkey
1 February 2003 - 21 January 2004: Goat
12 February 2002 - 31 January 2003: Horse
24 January 2001 - 11 February 2002: Snake
5 February 2000 - 23 January 2001: Dragon
6 February 1999 - 4 February 2000: Rabbit
28 January 1998 - 5 February 1999: Tiger
8 February 1997 - 27 January 1998: Ox
19 February 1996 - 7 February 1997: Rat
31 January 1995 - 18 February 1996: Pig
10 February 1994 - 30 January 1995: Dog

People born under the Chinese sign of the Monkey are great fun to be around. Monkeys are bouncy people, always young at heart, born entertainers, loving pranks and riddles. Happiest when they have an audience, they love social gatherings that are light-hearted. Others forgive their tendency to show off because they are such fun to have around.

People born under this sign are intelligent and quick thinkers. However, this can lead to impatience with others and boredom.

Monkeys attract many friends because they are amusing and witty. However, they are not particularly loyal or reliable. They are so busy several interests at once that they often ignore others. They don't intend to be hurtful, it's just that their enthusiasm gets the better of them.
Monkeys are best suited to flexible, fast moving careers that can meet their need for change. Few Monkeys stay in the same career for life.

About the author:
Tony Luck runs websites about babies and a gift shop with unique christening and new baby gifts. Visit the sites at

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