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Heartache Hurts - God Do You Hear
by: Kacy Carr
What is heartache? It is pain. There are two kinds of pain, one where you take a tumble, cut a finger or bump your head. This type of pain can be eased with the help of a band aid or ointments, but heartache is not an easy task to remedy.

For a broken heart there is no cure

I would say a great many of us has suffered heartache where we have endured pain over the kids family even work colleagues. This form of heartache is just a minor tremor to the earthquake of sorrow that forces it self on some people

Take the mother who outlives her child, what could be more agonizing for mummy to be at the bedside of the baby she nurtured from birth only to have that child taken from her.

Then we have the poor unfortunate heart broken fathers who lose their children all because mother thinks it is in the children's best interest to be without a dad (In some cases this action is necessary) but for many dads who still want to be part of there children's lives, I ask moms to think again for the kids sake.

How many times has an engine been turned on with a hose to the exhaust which daddy uses as an inhaler to end it all, and in some sorry events taken the kids with him?

The heartache when informed a loved one was killed in battle. It is painful when it is time to say goodbye to mum/dad, when they leave to make a new life in land beyond the sky.

Lord hear the prayers of the world to put a stop to these 21st century atrocities that is causing so much heartache.
Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes, what on earth can you possibly have up your sleeve to spring on some poor country next?

They say God works in mysterious ways and have his reasons. We understand you may not be happy with the sinners of today like the muggers and murderers walking the streets, but why on earth do the poor unfortunate innocent people have to suffer because of the actions of others. We need construction not destruction in our lives

There is no turning the clock back as the damage is done, so many people have had there fair share of pain and suffering and it needs to stop. It would take a miracle to sort out this whole sorry mess that the world is in today.

You gave focus to the blind you even rose from the dead, and we all know miracles are made in heaven.
So we ask you God for the last time for one more miracle and that is to turn back the hand of time.

About the author:
Do not suffer in silence, talk to someone if you have had the misfortune of losing a loved one or traumatised by some of the worlds disasters. My information page has helpful resources.

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