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by: Joe Trevison CPA MBA

I wrote about this secret that only 1% of the population know sometime ago in my free ezine. I again wrote in the newsletter the school I use to work for had. What is this secret? Well, let look at some other things first.


Our school system has been designed as an environment to educate minds, to replace ignorance with understanding and ultimately quality of life. And though our education system has obviously been successful in many areas, it has woefully neglected one subject “To Earn Money” A lack of understanding in this area is the causes of unwanted and unnecessary problems since money as the medium that is used world wide for other peoples product and services.

That paragraph is from one of Napoleon Hill’s followers, Bob Proctor. He understands this and what to do about it.

Education teaches you to work for someone. And that is what 96% of the population does. Some of the 96% work by the hour, these are accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentists, as well laborers. Yes, some of these make good money but they are usually not millionaires or billionaires.

3% of the population makes money by investing. This what Billionaire Warren Buffet does and he does it for other investors of his funds.

Only 1% understand what I call the “Secret of the Babylonians” I wrote it my ezine on years ago. You will have to search at my safe at the left side of my web page. Http://

Don’t’ worry I am going to tell it here in a moment.

Realize that this 1% of the population is very wealthy but you know because these people are prosperity conscious they can lose every cent they have in a series of mistakes in judgment but in a short period of time they will have it all back.

How do you get prosperity conscious? You give yourself prosperity affirmations. You give them with all the emotion you can give. You want prosperity affirmations. That is easy go to the search engine, like and put in “prosperity affirmations. You find all you need. DO IT NOW!

Get Hill’s “ Think and Grow Rich” he will help you too. You can buy it at your favorite bookstore or if you can’t afford it, you can find it FREE on the net, in pdf file.

Here are some of the people that knew the secrets, Hill, W.Clement Stone, Cowboy Star Gene Autry. Robert Allen wrote a book on it with the title of the secret.

Now when you get the prosperity consciousness you can apply the greatest money secret that you will learn: it is streams of income. (MSI) That is multiple steams of income in abbreviations

You want a list of some of the things you can do to get Steams of Income.

·Stock Market
·Real Estate
·Network Marketing
·Classifieds ads
·Licensing Intellectual Properties
·Web Page with shopping cart
·Your own products
·Your own services
·Selling other people products for commissions

So there now you can be that in that 1% Hill, Stone and Gene did it. Stone had a company, wrote books and did seminars. Hill wrote books, did audios, videos and gave seminars. Gene did a different route he was our cowboy Billionaire. He had his own product company for his television series and well as produce other cowboy and cowgirl shows. He did personal appearances. He was in Erie PA when I was 10 years old I shook his hand. What a man. He later bought TV and Radio stations and a baseball team. He knew about steams of income too.

I just thought of it Buffalo Bob of Howdy Doody fame did the same thing but never owned a baseball team. I met him to just before he died. What a great man he was.

Another secret when you have a business you know your asset that has the biggest value is not in your books. Write me. If you want that million dollar secret.,

About the Author

Joe Trevison is a self employed Business and Marketing Consultant as well as a expert in Tax with a Tax and Accounting Practice. He worked for the Monster called the IRS for 15 years and taught for 7 years business subjects to adults.


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