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Review of Monster Magnet's "Monolithic Baby" cd
by: Les Lewellyn
Monster Magnet release possibly the best rock album so far this year!

Review by Les Lewellyn copyright 2004
Preying Lizard Music Ezine

If you are new to Monster Magnet's music then I can tell you that if you dig hard rocking music that accepts no form of commercialism in its sound then you can freely buy any release by them to date and you will be freaked out as to why you didn't have anything by them in your collection before now! Each album the band just gets better and better on. "Monolithic Baby" is Monster Magnet in their prime. Despite the fact they replaced two members, the drummer and bassist, the band holds intact and actually improves! That is a rarity. Usually when a band starts screwing around with it's line-up things go sour with the sound. It's not the case here.

I visited Monster Magnet's site a few months ago and read about the upcoming release of "Monolithic Baby". I became very impatient when I could find the cd online at Ebay but not in the stores. I tried the local "hip" cd stores and still had no luck. The wait was a long one but well worth the time spent!!!! I was happy as hell when I entered Best Buy two Fridays ago after work and on the shelf was a handful of "Monolithic Baby" cds! There were two versions, the one that had only the cd for two dollars less or a deluxe edition with a bonus dvd. I opted for the deluxe edition. Afterall this is the greatest rock band of all time I'm speaking about!

Calling them the greatest band in Rock at this time is a huge statement. I don't throw out compliments like that without serious thought and listening repeatedly to make sure the "burn out" factor doesn't kick in. I'm here to convince you that you are not rocking at all if you do not purchase this cd. It's everything a rock fan, drugs, and rock and roll attitude with awesome fiery psychedelic guitar licks and rocking vocals that are all attitude. Nobody in this band is slack and they jell like no other band I've heard in a very long time. They shed their skin from the major label they were on, A&M....just the opposite of the bands begging labels....and this is the impressive result of their artistic freedom.

One of my biggest fears about rock bands that make great cds is that their next one will be a major disappointment and hype just can't salvage the sound and yet another rock band falls to commercialism and become a memory of better days. Bands should break up instead of putting out crap they know is crap. I can't blame them for wanting to make a living doing what they love but fans are disappointed when shit is released by their rock and roll idols. Bands please break up if you can't rock any more. There's too many great bands struggling to reach the top and your crap cd is blinding the public.

When I popped "Monolithic Baby" into my car's cd player and pushed play I tried to rid my mind of all expectations. Boom! "Slut Machine" comes blaring over my speakers and I'm instantly hooked. A big grin comes over my face and this 48 year old lover of hard rock realizes as the cd continues playing that this is the best cd I've ever heard! It's perfection. Words don't do it justice. It's the kind of cd I'd be tempted to offer a money back guarantee on myself if I had the bucks to back the offer!

Normally, if I'm reviewing a cd I try to dissect the tunes and seperate the good from the bad. All is good on Monolithic Baby. It's the kind of cd that requires one listen to know it's fantastic and then with several listens you are engrossed in the sounds and production/performance of Monster Magnet. The songs offer a diverse ear trip that touches on one thing...ROCK! They never sell out on the cd and each song is freaking great. The bonus DVD has two videos...."Unbroken(Hotel Baby)" and "The Right Stuff". These both rock and roll out but show humor by Dave Wyndorf and the band. The interview on the bonus dvd is also a fun spirited insight into the bands history and future. Then there's Bootleg live footage that is also captivating and makes me want to see these guys when they tour the states. Having been disappointed by my last few cd purchases...including the overrated and hyped up Velvet Revolver....I am thrilled to say that the Monster Magnet cd is worth every penny paid. I can't help but fear that I'm hyping the cd but it truly is the best rock cd released so far this year by any band or artist in my opinion. I thought AudioSlave, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stoneage, Soulfly and Probot were going to battle for first but now Monster Magnet easily claims that position on my cd player. What's cool is that when the cd is over and you yearn for more music just as just pop in one of their older cds and you get your fix. Their last album, "God Says No" is equally as great and "Dopes To Infinity" is their early masterpiece! Visit their site and listen to samples of their music. You are going to love the band I promise! Old fans of the band will be thrilled to hear their rock and roll heros climb to the top of the heep with this album. NOBODY who digs rock will argue. You may differ in who's on first but you WILL agree that in the very least this album is great!
About the author:

Les Lewellyn is a musician and music fan. His articles have been published both online and offline in printed magazines.


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