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Baby Shower for Twins (Or More) Peas in a Pod
by: Randy Wilson
Baby shower for twins or multiples can be given when the mother-to-be is expecting twins or more. Having twins is twice as nice. But it’s also twice as much work and twice as expensive. Fortunately for Moms expecting twins or multiples, there is usually someone willing to throw a baby shower to help ease the strain on the wallet.

Two of the most popular themes for a baby shower for twins or more are “Noah’s Ark” (two by two), or Peas in a Pod, which can be for any amount of children. For your twins baby shower, has a book on themed baby showers which will give you many ideas on different themes for your baby shower for twins.

Noah’s Ark baby shower party supplies and gifts are easy to find. Not only is this a popular theme for a baby shower for twins, but it is a popular theme for single births as well. Search for ‘Noah’s Ark nursery’ on your favorite search engine. You will find an overwhelming number of choices. Decorations for Noah’s ark themed baby showers are in abundance. You shouldn’t have any trouble decorations for the twins baby shower.

Many families choose to decorate the nursery with tons of colorful animals. If you know that the nursery theme is going to be Noah’s Ark, then you can use some of the themed gifts as decorations. Most toy makers sell a Noah’s ark toy or two. These will make lovely decorations as well as gifts for the baby shower for twins.

Most baby retailers carry lines of bed linens in this style, as well. Check with the mom-to-be, though, to see which design she is going with. Because it is a popular theme, there are many different Noah’s Ark designs out there that don’t coordinate with one another. Guests who want to buy Noah’s Ark gifts should check with Mom’s registry, if she has one, to compare the styles.

Many upscale giftware retailers, like Lenox and Swarovski, make Noah’s Ark frames, banks, clocks, hardware, and trinkets of all shapes and sizes. Stationery stores carry Noah’s Ark invitations and thank you cards. If you are purchasing Noah's Ark invitations, you might want to purchase the coordinating thank you cards to put in the wishing well.

You can have all of your guests fill out the envelopes with their addresses so Mom has less work to do when she is sending thank you notes. You can also use these pre-filled envelopes to draw for a door prize.

“Peas in a Pod” is another popular theme. This is one that goes with twins, triplets, or even more. Just change the number: two peas in a pod, three peas in a pod, and so on. And this is another theme that has a lot of coordinating party supplies.

You can use twin baby shower invitations from a printer, or as an alternative, you can hand print invitations and attach them to packets of pea seeds. You could also use pea seeds as party favors.

Remember the game “guess how many jelly beans”? You can do a variation on this with “guess how many peas”. Prizes can be frozen or canned peas. Sounds silly, but everyone can use some extra veggies!

Decorations in green can include green balloons tied in bundles according to the number of babies. Many online retailers sell “peas in a pod” apparel. That can be personalized with the babies’ names for baby showers for twins.

So what are some appropriate gifts for a baby shower for twins or multiples? Diapers. Need we say more? Twins can go through almost 20 diapers a day! Buy the smallest size available, usually newborn, as they are likely to fit into them for a while. Another possibility would be giving a supply of baby cloth diapers and plastic pants.

Moms of multiples can always use an extra hand. You can either give her one of yours by offering to baby-sit or help out around the house, or you can buy her a bouncy seat to keep one of the little ones occupied while she tends to the other. If you offer your services to Mom, make sure that you follow up on that offer. Don’t make her ask for help because she may not feel comfortable doing so.

Purchasing more expensive items for the baby shower for twins will help parents a great deal, since they will need two or more of everything. Several people could get together and make one larger purchase, like a double stroller.

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