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Baby Shower Invitation Wording
by: Randy Wilson
If you need ideas for baby shower invitation wording, then here are some great ideas for you. Baby shower invitations contain important details of the baby shower event, but they need to be cute and fun as well. Wording for baby shower invitations can be easy to create on your own or you can go to several Internet sites for some of the best baby shower wording ideas available. There you will find all of the baby shower invitation wording ideas you will ever need. What you say is as important as how you say it.

Your baby shower invitation wording can be either generic or specific. If you know the gender of the baby, then you should try to create gender specific wording for the baby shower invitation. There are wonderful little sayings for baby boys, as well as wonderful sayings for baby girls. But if the genderís not yet known, donít worry. There are many standard wording options as well.

You will find ideas online for twins, triplets, and even adoption baby shower invitation wording. You can search for ideas in many places, but the best place to look for anything in our world today is the Internet. Many invitation websites have whatís called ĎWording Librariesí where they offer hundreds of wording options for you. Your baby shower invitation wording could be in the form of a quote or baby poem. Wording for invitations can be casual or formal depending on the overall style and theme of the event. Just be sure to be consistent. People will assume that casual wording means itís going to be a casual event!

Your baby shower invitation wording needs to contain some important information, like the time, date, location, and the names of the guests of honor! Donít forget to include where the mother or mother to be is registered for gifts. And perhaps youíre throwing a surprise baby shower Ė what fun! Just be sure to tell your guests to keep it quiet in the baby shower invitation wording. Here is a sample wording for baby shower invitations when you want to keep the big event a surprise:

Shhh! Itís a Secret!

A Surprise Baby Shower for

Anne Marie Glenn

and newborn Joe Steven





Registered at:

Here is a sample wording when the invitation is for an adopted baby:

Letís rejoice with the Thompsons

as they welcome

Lily May

to their family.





Registered at:

Whatever you decide to say on your baby shower invitation, be sure to proofread your baby shower invitation wording and spelling to make sure that all of the information is correct. It would be a shame to order and pay for so many baby shower invitations, only to find printing mistakes and have the shipping delayed because of waiting for reprints. Taking time to proofread in advance is always a wise idea.

And if youíre not sure what to say, or if youíre not sure if the information is clear or if you wonder if it sounds all right, then donít hesitate to get a second opinion. Family and friends can help you, and many vendors will have customer service representatives standing by ready to assist with wording for invitations.

While youíre ordering or creating the wording for your baby invitation, donít forget to consider the wording of your thank you notes! Often these are ordered at the same time and made to match the invitations. Again, your wording can include poems quotes, etc. and you will want to keep the same style, color, or theme. Hopefully, you know the mother well enough to know what her preferences are.

And if youíre not trying to keep the baby shower event a surprise, then go ahead and ask her or her close family members about her opinions about the baby shower invitation wording. She may appreciate being a part of the decision making process, or she may be just as happy to have someone else make some decisions for her, so her mind can be on other important things, like preparing for the new babyís arrival!

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