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Baby Shower Etiquette
by: Cathy Cripps

Years ago, baby showers were never hosted by a family member. This practice was thought by most people to be tacky, appearing as if the family was asking for gifts. Thankfully, that tradition has changed where now it is acceptable for family members, friends, or co-workers to host the shower. The only exception to this rule is that the parents should not throw their own shower since this is considered inappropriate.

Regardless of who ends up hosting the baby shower, it is important that they spend time with the expectant parents to determine the individual they would like to invite and the types of gifts needed most. Additionally, it is highly recommended that the soon-to-be parents register the gifts at their favorite stores. With this information, the host can make sure invitees know where to shop and can provide recommendations if needed.

About the Author

Cathy is the Owner of Baby Shower Moments and the author of Baby Shower Moments A to Z Guide. If you are looking for baby shower host pay Cathy a visit.


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