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Baby Names - Techniques
by: Ian Byrd
How do you even begin the process of naming your baby? Where do you start? Do you crack open a book with tens of thousands of names? Just pick a name out of the air? This article will provide you with some popular techniques for naming your child and hopefully save you a ton of stress.

First, there is the classic tradition of naming your child after a relative. If you're planning on going down this route, you probably already have a specific name in mind. If you're going with a junior, be sure to consider giving the child a unique middle name that they can attach their identity too. Remember to be careful not to offend any relatives when you choose your name.

You may also look for names which have a special meaning to you and your spouse. The meaning of a name was very important in ancient times and continuing this tradition may be something you're interested in. Names with religious roots or names that represent an important quality are very popular. Name meanings can be found in numerous books and throughout the internet. Be sure to check with multiple sources, as not all resources are accurate.

Some parents want their child to have a name with a certain ethnic origin. Perhaps your grandparents had to give up their ethnic sounding names when they came to America and you'd like to honor their heritage. Ethnic names are usually listed in baby name books and many website also have this information available. Websites often let you search for a specific ethnicity which can be very convenient. Be wary of the potential inaccuracies of some of these sites, however.

Finally, and easily the most popular method, is to pick a name that has a good sound to it. Ultimately, this is a very important factor to consider even if you're choosing a name based on its meaning or historical origin. Your child will have to live with their name and if it sounds funny, you can bet they're going to hear about it as they grow up. They may even go by another name if they don't like the way their given name sounds.

No matter which method you choose, always remember that it's your child's name and you should put them first. In the end, your child's personality will vastly outshine any name you pick for them.
About the Author

Ian Byrd works with elementary aged students and understands the importance their name has on their identity. He operates a site devoted to the Top 100 Baby Names of the year.


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