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Baby Lullaby
by: Topsy
~ The Best Time for Borning a Baby ~

Generally speaking there is no ideal time for borning a baby. Each couple has their own time they find ideal: you and your husband are ready to become parents, both of you are in good health and your financial circumstances are in good condition. All of these things are independent from your age.

But you have to understand well that pregnancy, borning of the baby and parenting will change your life significantly. Your life will never be as careless as it was before.

A survey was carried out asking what time modern women belive to be the most convenient for having a baby. The age range of 20-28 was found to be the one.

42 % believe that the couple should start thinking of a baby when they are 23 - 25 years old,
28% say that it should be in 20 - 22,
18% say that it should be in 26 - 28.

Nobody thinks that it is OK to have a baby before twenty or after thirty.

Let`s make a short list of advantages and disadvantages of having a baby in each age range.

* Early pregnancy (before 20)

The main disadvantage is you are too young to be a mother. You do not understand well what you want from life, what man you want to spend your life with and so on.

Also your education is not finished yet and your financial condition is not stable. In this case it could be very difficult for you even to buy pampers for your baby.

Enjoy your youth and start thinking of a baby in several years!

* Optimal period (20-24 years)

In this period your organism is ready for the pregnancy, but ... having a child in 22 is rather an exception nowadays than a common case.

First of all your education has to be finished. Your are more responsible in finding your other half, you want to find a good job and dream of making an excellent career. Be careful: if you can find two reasons of not having a baby in 20, you will certainly find a lot more in 25, and will delay the baby again and again.

This period of your life is the best time for pregnancy!

* Less optimal period (25-30)

Quite a lot of women think this time is the most suitable period: by this time you have your own home, your finances are balanced and your beloved man is with you. And the main thing you can spend a lot of time with your future child not thinking of your studies and work.

Your contemporaries are thinking about trying for the second baby, risk for the first!

* Your thirties (30 - ...)

According to the statistics the number of women giving birth to their first child after 30 is growing every year. You must know that after 26 woman becomes less and less prepared for pregnancy. Your organism has suffered from a lot of things: your bad habits such as smoking and overeating, bad environment and what not! These are the main reasons responsible for possible deviations of the development of baby.

Your activity is decreasing and parenting will take a lot more from you then in 20.

At the same time late children are more talented and gifted then those borned by young mothers.

Do not delay the appearance of baby in your life! If your friends babies make you smile and you have chosen the name for your own one and you are able to buy diapers and rattles, do not hesitate give birth!

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