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Baby Geeks: Windows for 2-year-olds
by: Alan Gray
What's next - baby geeks - a new software system for children, with a customizable shell that runs on top of Windows.

Offering a customizable shell that runs on top of Windows operating software, the Hoopah Windows hybrid software provides a new way to present information to youth, as well as to those who are "computer phobic," in a friendly, simplified, and highly manageable format.

There is an emerging market of two to ten-year old children who need software that is much simpler than out-of-the-box Windows. A two year old can jump right into a whole new world with no instructions using this new software.

But the software is not limited to "baby geniuses" only. The flexible interface technology is to be licensed to businesses needing an "unthreatening" interface for their applications.

The first retail product, KidviewTM Computer Explorer: Kid-Easy Operating System, is an interactive learning playground for the computer that offers a fun and easy-to-use computing environment. It is packaged with a selection of over 450 learning activities focused on math, language arts, and science.

Designed for children ages two through ten, this solution is currently being integrated into Digital Dimensions, Kid ComputersTM computing solutions. includes Hoopah® KidviewTM with every computer system they sell. Parents and teachers love the software's features, according to Charles Hays, President of

Designed to take the intimidation and confusion out of computing, the software also provides parents and educators complete control of their computing environment thereby kid-proofing their computers.

Reading is not required to operate the picture-driven environment allowing children as young as two to navigate the computer and access the Internet safely.

The virtual classroom feature is useful for homeschoolers as well as public and private schools.

Hoopah, based in Alpharetta, Georgia says it's focus is on how "simple and easy" it is for kids to use and understand the computer in today's complex technical society.

Alan Gray writes news stories for Daily News


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