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A double baby stroller for double your fun
by: Marilyn Willoughby
If yours is one of those lucky families whose numbers have increased by two instead of just one: a double baby stroller will be perfect for you. These come in either side-by-side or tandem seating and a double baby stroller can be found in any of the colors of the rainbow.

Babysitters find that pushing a double baby stroller allows them to easily manage two children rather than one, yet still be able to provide the personal attention to each that the little ones require. Most models have multiple pockets for carrying extra diapers, baby bottles, wipes and jackets and are made from a variety of long lasting materials.

The addition of two rain covers to a double baby stroller will keep your babies warm and dry and allow a walk outdoors in the fresh air in most weather conditions.

About the author:

Marilyn Willoughby is a successful author and publisher of An online resource for buying great baby products and a provider of important baby safety tips.


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