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It Never Rains On A Right Attitude!
by: Richard Vegas

The decision to win in life belongs to you, not to anyone else. No one else can make that decision for you. No one else can open up the top of your head and pour a can of luck down inside of you. The victory is available to you, so is the defeat. Notice I said the victory is "available", not automatic!

Feast Or Famine!

Have you ever noticed how things come and go in cycles? Everything in nature has cycles and so does victory and defeat. When we are in the victory cycle everything we do just falls in place. When we're in the defeat cycle even our crystal ball will tell us, no, that was just a "snow ball" that hit you! Yeah, Right!

It seems the victory cycle always ends too quickly and the defeat cycle always lasts too long. I don't think there is really a great imbalance here, but it really does seem like it especially in the defeat cycle.

Why do some people seem to settle into the defeat cycle? One reason is many people somehow think subconsciously they are getting what they deserve. Don't laugh! I have met and talked to them. This may not be a problem with you, and it's strange but they think mistakes they've made, and decisions they've made are the reasons.

There is something that gets cross-wired in their brain and actually makes them feel better to cause some form of lasting pain or punishment to themselves. And, the longer they go through it, the better they feel because they're removing guilt.

And, Round And Round We Go!

But, about as quick as the guilt disappears, then the circumstances suddenly reappear and they realize they didn't obtain what they desired, their emotions hit another bottom and the defeat cycle starts over again.

If this has ever happened to you take courage, there is very effective way out of it. But, to the person going through this dilemma it's tragic; because their attitude makes the pain of the circumstances much worse.

But, when a person comes to an understanding of their purpose and reason for living, he realizes that it's not something he deserves and opens the way to become a renewed man.

It's as if that old attitude has been erased and a new life has been formed. At one time or another maybe you feel like you've failed in life. And, maybe you feel like you're stuck in a rut of defeat. But, just because you've failed and made some mistakes, doesn't mean you have to settle for a cycle of defeat to more failure.

In everyone's life a little rain must fall, but, not everyday. And, if rain is an everyday occurrence with you then it's time to chase that demon all the way across West Texas and stir up some victory stronger than a garlic milkshake. And, the first thing to do is make an attitude adjustment.

"Oh No," I can hear somebody saying now! "My attitude is just fine." No it's not! Don't get mad at me now. I'm just a messenger. If you're in a cycle of defeat that's been your best friend so long it keeps you rubbing where you've already got a rash, then we need to do some attitude adjusting.

Without the proper attitude toward your circumstances, you will have a near impossible time of turning failure into victory. It's not that an "attitude" by itself changes anything; it's that the right attitude puts you in the right frame of mind to recognize the change when it comes.

Do you want to know what a failure is? I thought so. A failure is nothing more than circumstances that need a different perspective. You can take any failure you're going through and turn it into a victory. But, you've got to be able to see the big picture. And, the right attitude is what will allow you to see the big picture.

Looks Can Be Deceiving!

Without the right attitude you will only see what it looks like. And, what it looks like is not what it really is. There is somewhere hidden in that mess you're going through a breakthrough that will cause you to start dancing.

Here's a quick question for you to think about if you don't think your attitude can hide your victory from you. How many times have you jumped up and started dancing and shouting for joy with an attitude that's saying "there's no hope, my goose is cooked, I'm dead as a dodo?" Huh? Think about it.

And, right in the middle of that "there's no hope attitude", you had a hard time seeing the big picture. What's the big picture? It's the unseen, unobvious, insignificant facts that are staying hidden from you, but nevertheless are still there, and they are the things that will take this mess and turn it into a baptism of fire.

Just remember, the things that are unseen are often more real than the things that are seen because the seen is obvious to everybody. But, only a person who's looking for the big picture often sees the unseen. Here's a quick tip for you. If you can see the solution real quickly, keep looking for another solution, that's probably not the one that will work!

Easy AS ABC??

Maybe you've never thought about it like that before, but, that's the reason so many troubles in life take so long to solve. The obvious is not always the pathway that ends up solving the problem. But, we just keep beating the "dead horse", of the obvious, till that sucker sings the song we want to hear; it usually doesn't!

Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not there. The quickest way to bring them to the light is to make an attitude adjustment. Someone said to me one time, "well, if I can't see them then I just don't believe they're there." I said, "Do you believe you got a brain?" He said yes, I said, "you ever seen it?"

So, don't tell me you can't believe what you can't see. The right attitude will also give you the motivation to work your work until the changes come. You can seriously delay positive changes by going around with a sour pus; woe is me, just my dumb luck frame of mind. You were not meant to be the devil's whipping boy. Don't act like it.

You may think you're down for the count and stuck with a face only a mother could love, but there is no problem that is unsolvable. Form the following attitude, and don't allow your head to talk you out of it; your heart knows what is best.

Entertain High Hopes!

Tell yourself these phrases everyday. Say them out loud! This is warfare and you have got to take military strength action with your attitude to make an impression on your emotions. This is no time to go around with a mealy-mouth, wussified, Casper the friendly ghost, milky toast type of attitude.

You've got to get serious and mean; Say this: "I am a winner", "I am an overcomer" "this game is not over because I strike out"; it's my bat, it's my ball, God is the umpire, and we'll play till I win. You may ask, "Now what will saying all this do for my attitude?" Glad you asked.

Go Like The Wind!

These words are fuel; fuel for your emotions, fuel for your spirit, and fuel for your attitude. But these words are like aviation jet fuel with power to energize your motivation and make you feel like running through a troop and jumping over a wall. And, heaven knows we all need some of that. Just Do it now!

Richard Vegas
Richard Vegas is a popular recording artist and internet marketing professional.
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Richard Vegas is a Popular Recording Artist and Internet Marketing Professional running his two full-time businesses from home. He specializes in teaching people how to discover their passion and make money from it on the internet. Richard publishes a Free weekly ezine, "Wing-Tips The Success System". He has recorded two albums and weekly keeps in touch by email with hundreds of fans and customers


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