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autosurf Reports: As Terrorist Attacks Con
by: Dawn Van Zant Reports: As Terrorist Attacks Continue, Need for Explosives Detection System Technology Surges

London Attacks Place Emphasis on Need for Prevention Technology such as Explosives Detection Devices

POINT ROBERTS, WA. July 12th, 2005 – (HDS) an investor news portal for the homeland defense and security sector, reports on the need for explosives detection system technologies as threats of terrorist attacks continue. Companies working towards bomb detection technology include L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems, Inc. (NYSE: LLL), the world’s leading supplier of X-ray security screening systems; Markland Technologies (OTCBB: MRKL) a defense and homeland security company transforming advanced laboratory technology into real-world products such as next-generation electronic imaging and other detection solutions; Sniffex (OTC.PK: SNFX) manufacturer of a pocket-sized, hand held explosives detection device; and Law Enforcement Associates Corporation (OTCBB: LENF), a manufacturer of a diverse line of undercover surveillance and detection products.

As the world remains in shock over the recent London bomb attacks where approximately 50 people have died and nearly 700 victims have been wounded, the importance of technology as a method of preventing future terrorist attacks has become crucial. Effective products do exist through the developments of several homeland security and defense firms who have identified explosives detection as a necessary technology for security.

L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems, Inc. have developed a suite of products for the aviation, transportation and public building security markets. Currently, L-3 Security & Detection Systems has deployed more than 18,000 X-ray screening systems worldwide, offering security technologies for aviation systems performing hold baggage explosives detection, oversized baggage, and checkpoint screening, cargo and air freight screening, port and border inspection and facility protection. "L-3 continues to work closely with the TSA, airports, and airlines to provide them with EDS (explosives detection systems) that meet their challenging needs for high throughput and more effective threat detection," said Allen Barber, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems.

According to Paul Johnson, CEO of Sniffex, “The most important issue that needs to be addressed with attacks like those which happened in London is being able to detect explosives from a distance and this is where Sniffex becomes extremely valuable as a tool. In the case of London, those who run and manage large train systems or airports, planes and even large cargo areas would be able to sweep more effectively using a product like Sniffex, as it allows you cover much more territory and do things that we previously haven’t been able to do in terms of bomb detection.”

Law Enforcement Associates Corporation, a surveillance and security technology company who has recently secured orders for its Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems from the United States Marshals service and a bomb squad of a major U.S. city, sees their detection systems as, “a key element in the protection of American assets and personnel both here in the United States and throughout the world," explains Paul Feldman, Law Enforcement Associate’s President.

As terrorist threats continue to plague society, suicide bomber detection systems have become vital for homeland security and defense. As Robert Tarini, Chairman and CEO of Markland Technologies explains, “Army leaders have made it clear that the development of more effective technologies and methods to stop suicide bombers is a top priority, and Markland has responded with an approach that we believe will yield the best results in the shortest possible time.'' Markland’s suicide bomber detection system includes the development of a single unified solution that entails ten different detection technologies incorporated into a single, unified solution, which includes: thermal and electromagnetic sensors and imaging systems, vapor sensors, metal and chemical detection processes to spot firearms and explosives, and systems that can identify biological, radiological and other threats. According to the Company, one of the most important elements of the entire protocol is Markland's proprietary ‘stand-off’ detection system -- detection technologies capable of identifying potential threats at far greater distances than had previously been achieved. Precise distances are classified by the military, but such long-range detection is a critical part of identifying and stopping dangerous individuals before they can reach their targets and cause bloodshed.

In addition to suicide bomber detection systems and to address issues of random attacks, the need for preventative, timely and accurate intelligence information is crucial. As Edward Kaplan, a Professor at Yale University explains, while sensors can be an effective method of protecting specific areas, they do not necessarily address the random nature of numerous suicide bomb attacks, therefore a practical strategy to deal with this aspect can be seen in the investment in intelligence gathering as an additional method of prevention. is an investor and industry news portal for the Homeland Defense sector. The HDS website does not make recommendations, but offers a unique free information portal to research news, exclusive articles, interviews, investor conferences and a growing list of participating public companies in the defense sector.

Participating Public Companies:
L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems, Inc. (NYSE: LLL), Markland Technologies (OTCBB: MRKL), Sniffex (OTC.PK: SNFX), Law Enforcement Associates Corporation (OTCBB: LENF)

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About the author: is an investor and industry news portal for the Homeland Defense sector. The HDS website does not make recommendations, but offers a unique free information portal to research news, exclusive articles, interviews, investor conferences and a growing list of participating public companies in the defense sector.


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