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Essentials of Special Forces Training
by: Glen Andrade
Special Forces personnel are highly trained and have extraordinary skills and knowledge to perform various missions. This is mainly due their skill and knowledge which comes from their experience, hence training is one of their most crucial activities, which requires tactical supplies, combat weapons, patrol clothing, expertise books and training materials. Whether training for jungle operations, mountainous terrains or cold climates, Special Forces Gear offers you all the essential gear and manuals required for Special Forces training.
One of the basic training essentials is the G.I. Navy Combat Knife, a tough knife used by the Navy SEAL for training its forces. Another field essential is the Bail out Bag, an easy-to-use bag, especially designed for those grab-and-go moments. You can easily toss in just about anything; ammunition, maps, camera, or your personal belongings. This is a sturdy water resistant bag, that is double and triple stitched with thick mountaineering harness to offer maximum strength and durability. The easy to use shoulder strap adjustments make it comfortable to carry and use. The Mountain Warfare Harness is a padded harness and is the ultimate for the special needs in extreme tactical situations involving climbing, rappelling, SWAT and rescue operations. Overlapping waist pad and fully padded legs offer maximum comfort and ease; the leg pad attachments are totally adjustable to suit your needs. The Patrol Officer Rig is an essential rig in tactical situations or for disease prevention, when in contact with an infected personnel. Slots and tool loops are added on this rig for officers with more advanced training; its also very easy and comfortable to carry.
Books that enhance the knowledge of trainees in various military techniques and missions are must-haves as training essentials. 'Fighting Skills of the SAS and Special Forces', discusses the most secretive and demanding military techniques used by Britain's Special Air Service and by Special Forces units around the world. Similarly, 'Cold Weather Survival', discusses the military history of operations in cold-weather environment. The manual covers subjects such as clothing and gear, tents and heaters, arms and ammunition, ration and diet, hygiene, wind chill, emergency signals, and much more. It is a must-have for soldiers operating in cold weather conditions. There are also books on jungle operations, map reading, military mountaineering and Special Operations aviation among others, which are also available.
Vests, Jackets, Holsters, Packs, Hard Cases, Shotgun Accessories, Pouches, Slings, Belts and Medical Gear - all these sturdy and practical items essential for Special Forces training, are available at Special Forces Gear. The quality and superiority of these products are unsurpassed, as they are actually used and tested in real life missions. With the best training equipment available at a click of your mouse, Special Forces Gear is easily the one stop source for all your training requirements

About the Author

Glen Andrade is a well know author in field of military operations. He has authored many articles on the topics of military and police operations. His articles are popular in many of the internet portals


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