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Get Your Truck Ready for the Cold Season, Get the Right Parts for Your Dodge
by: Joe Thompson

Cold temperatures increase wear on several auto parts, especially the starting and engine system parts. If you are living in an upland, maintaining a vehicle must be hard during winter and fall, but this should not dishearten you because there are many ways to prevent inconveniences that may result from extreme weather conditions. One is to replace worn out parts in your vehicle with tough and durable replacement auto parts.

One of the leading auto parts dealers in the country today, Auto Parts Discount, proudly features best replacement parts for Dodge pickup truck and other Dodge vehicles. Here you can find the affordable deals on top quality Dodge parts that can help you avoid distressing and life-threatening winter breakdowns.

The easiest and most convenient thing for you to do is to make your windows, doors and windshield air- and watertight. Dodge parts offered here at Auto Parts Discount include Dodge weatherstrips for windshield, front glass, front and rear doors, vents, rear gate, tailgate, run glass channel and cabs. They are made from high quality rubber, plastic and chrome and are designed to endure abrasion and can withstand extreme temperatures and moisture build up.

Extremely cold weather also takes its toll on your Dodge wheels and tires, belts, hoses and other auto parts of the electrical, ignition and cooling systems. The battery would require more power to start the engineóup to five times more than the usual starting power, so you also need a dependable alternator that would supply it enough power.

Check on the connections in the electrical system to ensure everythingís in proper working condition. Also, check on the distributor, the condenser and distributor cap in the ignition system as any damage or moisture build up can make starting more difficult. Before you drive your car to your destination, let it warm up first so that the fuel can circulate, especially around the engine.

Having enough lights in your car is also very important, especially when itís too foggy or when itís snowing heavily outside. Aside from your Dodge headlights, you must also have fog lights and off-road auxiliary lights to light up your way and keep your truck visible in the dark.

Risks of meeting road accidents are higher during the cold months, so you have to secure yourself and your vehicle. If you need to replace worn out parts, donít think twice; however, make sure to get them at trusted auto parts dealer like Auto Parts Wholesale. Also, be extra careful while driving. Keep your speed down as much as possible to avoid misfortunes on the road.

About the author:
Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 48 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications.

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