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The Easiest way of sharing your video and audio files online
by: Roman Kovalenko
You probably know this problem when you try to send huge file to your friend through email but because of some unknown
reason you can not do that. Your provider just does not allow you to send such a big file. What if there was an
solution to your problems. What if you could do match more than just sending file to your friends. What if you could
also share link for downloading this file with others. And exactly that we will discuss in this article.

Here is situation which occur almost to often on Internet. You have video, audio or other files which you would
like to share with your friends and family on message boards, chats, blogs or just on your personal web page. To do that you have three
options. You can split your files and email it, but it just takes to long and not all people can split files.
You can upload to your own web space if you have one, which is not an option for many. Or you can just forget about it.

And as always on Internet, there is a solution to your problem.
Lately there has been opened new services which will help you in your "dilemma". Services like allow you
to upload any files and share it with others anywhere. After you uploaded your file you get a link which you can use wherever you like.
So basically you can share your files everywhere you want to. And what's more important that no registration is required, so from now
on it will only take 5 seconds for you to upload and share your files.This way you do not have to think twice
before you can share your files with your friends and family.

Services like are very easy to use so that people new to Internet would be able to use it. All you have to do is
to click on browse button and find your file, click upload and it's done. After that you can post your link anywhere you like.

I hope this article will help people like me who struggled to find a fast and easy way for sharing files with others.

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