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Inner Head: Ear Worms & Audio Memes
by: Dorian Greer
Inner Head: Ear Worms & Audio Memes


Memes are "neurological instruction code" of behavior that is
passed on from person to person, replicating itself like a virus.
The key is that they are self replicating!

Pronounced like "dreams", memes are snippets of memory stored in
brains and passed on by imitation or duplication. Examples are
tunes, fads, catch-phrases, slogans, culture, superstition,
customs, mass hysteria, and so forth.

Audio Memes

Audio memes are neurological code in the output form of sound.
For example, a huge sample of adult Americans would likely know
the name and subsequent notes to the song, Don't Worry Be Happy,
after hearing just the first distinctive note!

Why? It's an audio meme.

Ear Worms

Ear worms are metaphorical creatures in the form of sound. They
have a life of their own, and they infect humans much like audio
memes. The difference is that they don't stop playing (the tune)
inside a person's head. They just keep going, and going, and

Earworm: (EER.wurm) n. A song or tune that repeats over and over
inside a person's head. Also: ear-worm, ear worm.

Sound Advice

It is apparent, that sounds can drive us crazy. Sounds can drive
us "sane", too. Sounds can affect the emotional fabric of our
lives, psychologically (mood music), kinesthetically (dance
music), and possibly spiritually (alpha-theta combinations found
in advanced states of meditation).

Like music, brain wave patterns are measured in frequencies, or
pulses of sound. It is a vitally significant breakthrough that
you can now utilize sound in ways to most benefit your own well
being and development.

Imagine what it must be like to synchronize your brain wave
patterns with that of a Zen master during meditation. Well guess

Creative genius has been brain-wave mapped, (want to hear it?),
to which you may synchronize your own!

Or would you instead prefer the sound of a loud jackhammer
pounding out the city life of sirens, automobile horns and
advertising jingles that just keep going and going and going?

If audio memes, ear worms, and background noise comprise your
daily dietary intake of "sound food" to your inner body...

...perhaps a more natural "junk-free" high purity resonance of
binaural sound frequencies can help clear up the clutter. There's
a good list of users that would agree with these fascinating and
rejuvenating effects, like me.

In addition, some of the available programs take advantage of
these special frequencies to enhance certain experiences with
positive and healthful audio imagery. But it's up to you which
you prefer.

Listening for a Change

If it turned out that when you got back to your room with these
CD's, alone, and you absorbed these sounds and cheerfully
discovered, "This is exactly what I needed!" it would wonderfully
answer your curiosity, wouldn't it?

And what does health food for your brain actually sound like?

Go to here:
Click to the left where it says Compact Disks, and then you'll
get a selection under that to hear on-line samples.

I don't know if you'll notice that some of these sounds can
excite the neurological experience of deep pleasure, and they're
a real ecstasy to find too, because you can get high resonant
sensations in them for long periods of time.

(But I seriously hope the government doesn't find a way to ban
some of these frequencies too soon.) Hear for yourself what I
mean. (Stereophones required)

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granted. Links hot. Not to be used in conjunction with any
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