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Audio On The Web - How To Do It With Ease
by: David Hooper
It always amazes me at how many bands and musicians don't have audio on their web sites. Doing so increases sales of your album and makes it easier to get people to come out to gigs, so why wouldn't you?

There are usually two reasons:

1. People are scared to giveaway their music because "people don't buy what they get for free."

This isn't true and the best example I can think of to illustrate the point is bottled water. People can get water for free, of basically free, but they pay a premium to have it in a nice container.

Why wouldn't they do the same with your music?

2. People don't have the technical skills to do it.

If this applies to you, get Audio Generator because you simply upload your music to their servers, they give you a snippet of HTML to add to your site, and you'll be up and running within a couple of minutes.

Another great thing about Audio Generator is that you can call in a message via telephone and then send out an "audio greeting" to your mailing list. This is VERY powerful for getting people to take action.

For example, you could record a message which said, "Hey, this is Dan from Band X and we're playing tomorrow night at Club Z. Mention this message and I'll buy you a beer."

Whatever... You get the idea.

Audio is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Thanks to Music Business Radio and the audio books I've released, a lot of people know what my voice sounds like, but before I had all of this, I had to work twice as hard by hitting people face-to-face.

Don't work so hard! Use technology to help you create and expand your customer relationships.

And speaking of voice stuff, I highly recommend Audio C4. This book has excellent instruction on how to create audio messages that sell. In addition, you'll come off like top voice talent, rather than some guy who has never spoken to a crowd before.
About the Author

David Hooper is the founder of Kathode Ray Music, an artist development organization specializing in promotion and marketing of independent musicians and bands. Visit https://WWW.MAJOR-RECORD-LABELS.COM/ for more tips and hints for musicians, bands, and songwriters.


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