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The Cheap Car Sources That Your Used Car Dealer Doesn’t Want
by: Steve Shannon
Wouldn’t it be nice to find the car or truck that you want, and only pay a small fraction of what you would at a used car lot? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to haggle with a used car salesman and have your intelligence continually insulted, just to “save” a couple hundred bucks? Have you ever wondered if there was some secret source where these guys get their vehicles and whether you could somehow buy from it, too?

The truth is - you can avoid a lot of the expense and aggravation normally associated with buying a quality used car, truck or van by simply cutting out the middle man. In other words, go to the source.

There are several places where dealers can buy vehicles, but one of the best are used car auctions. Some auctions require that the buyer is an auto dealer, but others don’t. Some auctions are local, while others are online. Surprisingly, seized, repossessed or impounded vehicles are very accessible to the general public for purchase. Usually, you will be able to find one or more of these auctions or sales very close to where you live.

The reason vehicles at these auctions and sales go so cheap is because it costs the government or banking / lending institutions that hold them money to keep them stored. In some cases, the institutions that are holding the vehicles have already lost money on them and simply want to write them off of inventory. Don’t be thinking that all of these vehicles are just drivable junk, either. Many of these vehicles are modern models, and blemishes range from few to none.

You can easily access current lists of auctions and sales within your area (that are open to the public) in several places online. One of the best sources is through . Here you will get an extensive (and updated) listing of not only cheap car sources, but also similar places where you can buy discounted land, estate jewelry, boats and more.

Within minutes, you can be contacting cheap car sources within your area to see when the next auction or sale will be. Within days, you can be driving your new used vehicle, which you may have paid as little as 90% of retail for.

This is an excellent way to find your next vehicle for work or family. It is also an excellent way to supply a vehicle for a teenager or college student. Whatever your reason for wanting a new used vehicle, this is definitely worth a look.

Just remember - cutting out the middle man will save you a load of cash.

About the Author

Steve Shannon is owner of iTech Enterprises. One aspect of iTech Enterprises is to search the net for “privileged”, unique, and hard to find information such as .


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