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An alternative to Ebay
by: R.P. van der Meij
People buy and sell on the net. It is better than advertising in a newspaper or spreading the word that you are selling something. But sometimes you just want to sell your stuff for a price and thats it. And you dont want to fill out endless forms with useless info about everything you do and so on. Than join a community pay fees for listing, seller fees and all other hidden fees you missed. Wouldn't you like to find a simple way of advertising your stuff ? You know, place an article, set a price and confirm your ad and be done with it. Just one simple flat fee for everything. And advertise for a long period for a low price. Is it possible? Or is it a dream? The answer is YES you can! Where? Find a new and different way of selling on is a proven concept from Europe on selling the easy way on the net.
Let me tell you something about this concept. First you choose your catagorie where you want to place your ad. Simple ! Select your state and county where you live. And then place your ad. Confirm your ad, and you are done. You don't have to register to sell or to buy. If the item that you are selling is less than $200 you can place it for FREE. Your ad is shown for a minimum of 30 days. When you are selling something for more than $200 you pay $7.50. Thats it! No fee for listing, no fee when it is sold, nothing. How does that relate to other (auction) sites ?
Lets sell your car for $1000 . When selling it on you pay $7.50 and it is listed for a min. of 30 days and max.60 days. Other sites are charging you $40 for 1 week.(cardealers can save a fortune this way)
If you are selling your house on again you pay $7.50 for a min. of 30 days and max. 60 days . Other sites are charging you more, up to $150 .
Now here is a fun part on , you can place your ad on top of the list again for a small price. If someone is looking he will see YOUR house, car or what ever you are selling on top of the list , (where you want to be if you are selling) when he is browsing. You can do that as much as you like with no restrictions. Thats how you sell quickly and easy. So you see there is another way of selling your (used) items on the net. Visit the site and try it. During the introduction week you can place every ad for free on

About the Author

R.P. van der Meij is CEO Of EMOG Online Business


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