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AUCTION TIP: Make the Most of Your eBay "About Me" Page
by: Chuck Smith
One of the most important, and least-utilized, features on
eBay is the "About Me" page. With your About Me page, you
can promote yourself as a seller, promote all of your
auctions, and show off your eBay Feedback ratings. This
provides credibility for your auction business, and also
gives you an opportunity to express your unique personality.

To create your About Me page, log into eBay and go to the
"my eBay" tab at the top of the page. Once there, select
the "about me" tab. This will bring you to the About Me
creation page. Simply click on the "create and edit your
page" button to get started.

eBay offers three different pre-packaged layouts for you to
choose. Once you've selected your template, you will be
presented with a form. All three templates will ask you to
complete the same information.

Before you start to fill in the form, you should think about
what you want to accomplish with your eBay business. For
the purpose of this article, I'm going to pretend I am in
the antique tin toy business. With this example, I'm
letting my personality shine through to help build a
following with tin toy collectors.

Page Title: Chuck's Antique Tin Toys

Welcome Heading: The Finest Tin Toys on eBay!

Welcome Text: Hi, my name is Chuck Smith, and I LOVE TIN
TOYS! I've been collecting antique tin toys for over 10
years, and discovered eBay was a great place to find more
toys for my collection about three years ago. The problem
was I was buying so many, I was running out of money. But
my loss is your gain. I decided to use eBay to finance my
hobby and I'm offering antique tin toys (at least the ones
I don't HAVE to have for my collection) on eBay.

Another Paragraph Heading: In my auctions, you will be
given detailed descriptions of every item I sell. You'll
see the exact condition, including complete descriptions of
any flaws. I will also give you as much information about
the toy, including manufacturer, history, and provenance as
I can provide. I want you to feel comfortable when buying
from me. On this page, you can see my Feedback and also
the other Items I have for sale. I hope you'll enjoy my
auctions, and I look forward to doing business with you in
the near future! Good luck!

Picture: You can add a picture of yourself holding a toy.
To get a picture on eBay, you will need to either have a Web
site where you can post files already, or you can use one of
the many picture hosting services available on the Internet.

Feedback: As you buy and sell items on eBay, you will want
to have your Feedback listed on your About Me page. Here
you'll select the number of Feedback listings to show on
your page (I use the last 10), and eBay fills in your
feedback automatically. Feedback is eBay's way of letting
other users know how you conduct yourself on their site.
If you're an excellent buyer and seller, people will send
you positive Feedback that is positive. Do something wrong
and you'll get negative Feedback. Make sure you run your
business in an above-board manner!

Items For Sale: This is similar to Feedback in that you
select the number of Items For Sale to show, and eBay fills
this information in automatically. This is a great way to
show potential bidders all of the items you have up for

Favorite Links: Here, you can link to your own Web site
(I highly recommend you get your own Web site), or provide
some of your favorite links. Perhaps there's a Web site out
there that offers information and estimated values for
antique tin toys. Go ahead and link to it -- your potential
customers will appreciate the resource.

Favorite Items: If you have some favorite items you've
purchased or seen on your eBay travels, then go ahead and
list them. I prefer not to send people to other eBay
sellers, so be careful.

That's it. Just hit the submit button and eBay
automatically generates your About Me page. You now have a
wonderful new marketing tool that will help promote your
auctions and let potential bidders know what kind of seller
you are.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also edit the page in HTML, but you
want to be sure you know what you're doing before trying
this. Click here if you'd like to check out my About Me
page (

Chuck Smith is the creator of the Auction Rookie web site.
This site is dedicated to helping people start and run a
successful online auction business. Visit his site to get a
free report on "How to Get Started Selling on eBay." or

About the Author

Chuck Smith is the creator of the Auction Rookie web site. This site is dedicated to helping people start and run a successful online auction business. Visit his site to get a free report on "How to Get Started Selling on eBay." or


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