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The Prosperous Affiliate Merry-Go-Round
by: Rosella Aranda
In the affiliate world, just as in the rest of the world,
what goes around comes around.

Here's where I'm coming from . . .

I just finished reading one article too many where the
author proclaims that people don't like to click on what
appears to be an affiliate link.

Why not? Well, here is how the reasoning of the potential
buyer supposedly goes:

• I’ll bet the price is jacked up.
• Maybe the guarantee won't be honored.
• What if they don’t give me all the bonuses?
• Why should some middleman make a buck off me?

So this guy takes his paranoia and stinginess and trudges
off to find the original link. End of story.

Do you see anything wrong with this?

I see everything wrong with it. Or at least now I do, once
I stopped to ponder why I was doing the same thing! I
believe this situation is on the verge of changing and very
quickly. Here’s why…

For one thing, as more and more people are earning money by
promoting other people’s products, affiliate marketing is
becoming more widely regarded as a legitimate business form.

This is in large measure thanks to Rosalind Gardner, creator
of the Super Affiliate Handbook.

(Notice how proudly I displayed my affiliate link?)

Now, as increasing numbers of people engage in this type of
promotion, it is rapidly becoming common knowledge that if
you buy from an affiliate, you are in actuality buying
directly from the owner or creator of the product. Hence,
the following holds true:

• The price to you, the potential buyer, is the same,
regardless of how you got there.
• The guarantee, which is being issued from the product
owner, is still valid.
• You are set up to receive all bonuses, advertised and
unadvertised, that the owner offers. (In fact, buying from
an affiliate might even net you some extra bonuses!)

And so now, that leaves only the final objection, “Why
should some middleman make a buck off me?”

On the Threshold of a New Paradigm

Living as we are, on the eve of a new level of expanded
consciousness, here are some notions that are quickly
gaining wider acceptance:

• We attract what we focus on.
• We create our own reality.
• We attract to ourselves the same kind of energy that we
send out.

This Law of Attraction is no longer regarded as some
paranormal fluke. Thought power is gaining acceptance as
true and verifiable by quantum physics and our own empirical

So what does that have to do with our potential buyer’s
final objection?

Well, when I stopped to examine why I was guilty of
automatically avoiding using an affiliate link, I discovered
that there was no valid reason for doing so. I mean, being
that the bottom line to me is all the same, why should I
want to deny someone his or her fair commission?

I had to admit that such unwarranted stinginess could only
be due to an insidious belief in scarcity. I felt a little
ashamed of myself, but not one to flog myself, I immediately
changed my focus to how to alter my beliefs to something
more desirable.

And what I found is a win-win-win situation.

If a marketer brings a product to my attention or convinces
me of its value or presents it to me at the time I am
willing to buy it, this affiliate has clearly earned his or
her commission. And it’s a pretty sweet deal all the way

• The owner is happy because he has just earned money
for a sale he would probably not have otherwise made.
• The affiliate is happy because his marketing efforts are
paying off.
• I get my product AND I put money into the pockets of
at least two people.

And that makes me happy, because sending money into
circulation sets me up for being on the receiving end. And
giving a figurative pat on the back to the affiliate marketer
raises my vibration to attract the same type of rewards in
my life. And you know what else? It just FEELS so much
better to do it this way.

I think people are unaware of the many ways that poisonous
thinking can still lurk menacingly in their brains, stuffed
away in odd little pockets of stingy behavior like this.

When you stop to consider that so many of us were raised
by parents or grandparents who lived through the Great
Depression, it’s easy to understand how we may have
inherited more from our families than what meets the eye.

But I digress. Let’s just all be part of a prosperity
movement that has no interest in denying anyone their fair
due. After all, there is plenty to go around for everybody.

Just like a carnival carousel, what goes around comes around.

May your affiliate coffers swell!

About the Author

Rosella Aranda, marketer, editor and author, helps
entrepreneurs escape their limitations. For more on
how to harness the prodigious power of your mind,
For total expert guidance, visit the Affiliate Classroom


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