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The Most Important Lesson in Network Marketing
by: Ryan Dombrowski

How does person A generate more commission with three leads than
How does person A generate more commission with three leads than person B with a thousand leads in the same network marketing group? Person A is familiar with the fundamental principle of network marketing - relationship building.

People generally join a network marketing group because they want to profit from being a business owner and obtain financial freedom, but they may not have the skills or knowledge to start their own business. The greatest attraction to network marketing is the ability to be involved in a profitable system with a number of people eager to help - a valuable characteristic typically not found in other business opportunities.

Prospects that are generated are guaranteed people who are Interested in network marketing, however, their interest can be quickly lost. The reason being that people are generally lazy. People would rather be walked through something than do it entirely by themselves. Those active in network marketing were novices to the subject at one point. They did not understand how profits were made, how to generate leads or where to start. The reason they continued to be involved after their initial interest is because they had a leader who was willing to help and teach them to run their new business. Often leads that are generated appear to lack interest because they are not motivated, but in actuality they lack guidance.

Prospects that are generated are the highest concentration of a targeted audience that can be obtained. By simply following up, an enormous conversion rate can be produced. Guide new members with strategies o network marketing. "Get the ball rolling for them" and they will be eager to learn and begin their business. Teach them how simple network marketing is and they will produce an income for you.

Value every lead that is generated. These pospects are the greatest targeted audience that can be found - remember they have already shown interest and are ready for a change. A new member may take a year to actually become active. There are number of factors that could play for this latent action. They may be researching, slowly setting up a business for the future, attaining funds to market their business or they are just too busy at the moment. Regardless, every lead has some interest in network marketing and can potentially be your greatest income producer. In addition, many times those who have a moderate interest quickly become highly interested. Network marketing is a business opportunity that is hard to turn down.

Follow-ups are persuasive in nature. By continually following up with prospects, the receiver is slowly absorbing the message. On average, a person has to be exposed to a message six times before the message is understood. Repetition is the most effective means of communication, therefore, every time a follow-up is made, the receiver is more likely to take action.

It is important to note that following up can be overdone and appear aggressive. Contacting leads by email more than once a week can seem obtrusive and cause the receiver to ignore future messages while developing a negative view of the represented company. A follow-up should disclose who you are, who you represent and a way to contact you. The message should be brief and concentrate on one topic - the receiver will not encode a broad message that covers many aspects. Include links for the receiver to find out more or how to take action, provide them with a way to contact you with any questions or concerns and let them know that your support is available.

Generating leads in network marketing is the toughest part, but making the leads work for you is vital. Be supportive and lead by example. Motivate and help your downline and they will be motivated to do the same. Getting started in network marketing is difficult, but from there it's free sailing. Help your leads raise their sails and they will produce your income.


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