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The Art of Diverting Negative Energy
by: Melissa Zollo
We are living in a time when we need to look at and hopefully transform our mental and emotional habits. The "season of adversity" is the best time to start dropping a few wealth, health, protection, success and happiness seeds into our deeper mind and fertilizing them with powerful loving emotions. The realization that the changes we seek on the outside must first be made within our own consciousness is beginning to dawn on many. Where is your attention focused? Globalisation of the marketplace, world governments, media groups, and institutions cannot bring about an inner awakening to the Power Within. They cannot get you out of debt, heal your loneliness, transform your fear and anger, or free you from the affects of erroneous mental habits. Your images, ideas, beliefs, patterns and perceptions of yourself, color the world you live in. ·Are issues of poverty or success, war or peace, illness or health, love or hate confronting you from every side? ·Do you allow your thoughts to run wild with negative images after you read a headline, or hear threatening news? ·Do you know how to direct your mind and steady your focus on positive images regardless of the opinions and distasteful acts of people you are in contact with? ·Are your emotional reactions capsizing you and your dreams? ·Are you capable of "floating your own boat" through a storm? Why should you keep on absorbing or resonating with negative energy?Just decide what you want and start to consciously image it. Tuning into "The Source of All That Is" permits you to separate yourself "vibrationally" from people who are operating from misguided beliefs. The moment you feel your joy, your emotional reactions will dilute and or neutralize any negative energy being sent your way. There isn't one emotional problem that can't be solved using the Principle of Imaging. There is One Eternally Present Power. Change and motion are its attributes. Desire summons it! This One Source of energy vibrates at different frequencies. There is polarity in all of life including whatever you are facing. Everything is a dance of opposites. Good and evil, light and dark, positive and negative, rejection and acceptance, failure and success, poverty and good fortune, sickness and health are all essentially the same in nature. They are simply opposite parts or contrasted extremes of the same thing. They differ only in degree of frequency. Polarity deals with the flow of energy. It is up to you to use your emotions in a beneficial rather then a destructive way. It is up to you to figure out where your emotions are vibrating because the Power to Create operates in the here and now. Why give your Power of Awareness to the past or to the negative? Why continue to fuel regrets and be swept away by yesterdays painful memories? Do you want to become a master artisan and turn water into wine, sorrow into joy, and rejection into opportunity? If so, seize the moment. When your energy is in alignment you will feel inspired and opened to limitless possibilities. You are the pattern maker of your life. Your emotions can flow in the direction of solution or in the direction of conflict and crisis. Questions: ·Do you run away from looking at yourself and your habits but find it easy to blame others? ·Do you resist change and hide out rather then live your life to the fullest? ·Do you turn back to old ways when a crisis appears? ·Do you focus on illness, terror, death and suffering? ·Do you concentrate on depressing headlines and the dark side of things? ·Do you allow "emotional bleeders" to suck up all your joy like a vacuum cleaner draws in dirt? ·Do you wallow in hell and then eagerly call friends to involve them in your self made misery? If so, you are giving doubts and fears permission to cling to and smother your dreams and desires. The quality of your thoughts anchors you into worthwhile or undesirable states of mind. To the degree that you refuse to change, you will continue to invite suffering and distress into your life. Everything you are harvesting in your life is a mirror to what you planted and allowed others to plant in your womb of wonder! The Universal Law of Vibration explains that thoughts, matter and life are vibratory. This means everything is moving, swinging, and dancing, including your thoughts (whether you can see movement or not). We live in a sea of belief and we are being bombarded by negative ideas morning, noon and night. What side of the pole do you get magnetized to when an uncomfortable situation arises? The problem side or the solution side? Every time you allow someone to trigger your grief, fear, anger or sadness you simply give them carte blanche to tighten the chains around your soul. Every time you emotionally respond to negative stimuli (from guilt, anger, worry, or fear) you are in vibrational agreement with it. This means you are vibrating from their image. I call this deferred occupancy. Once your feelings are in harmony with the negative, you are aborting your own chosen mental image and your dream is withering away. Whether you know it or not Spiritual Principles are always operating on the mental, emotional and physical planes of existence. And they don't respect a person's income, color, or heritage. They operate according to unyielding laws. 6 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Moods of Others as Well as your Own. 1.The moment you consent to being around someone in a lower negative vibration and you are in harmony with that vibration, you will come down a notch from your joy and leave your self wide open to attract the results of that belief and mood. 2.Limitless opportunities open up when you learn to laugh in the face of adversity. As you vibrate from joy, peace, forgiveness or love, you invite the fulfillment of your dream into your life. When you send good thoughts to someone vibrating from negative emotions you will give off energy. You will telepathically messenger that person. If he or she is in harmony with joy, love or peace he will take on your gift. 3.Thoughts create. There is no such thing as fiction. If people are indulging in ideas that are harmful to you it is wise to learn how to excuse yourself from their company. They may not have a clue about choosing thoughts and intentional creation. But you do! 4.Emotional moods influence and direct everything towards that which they are in tune with. 5.When you can sustain a higher mood around a miserable person, you will know that you are in alignment with your dream fulfilled and have overcome the negative energy field of that person. 6.In your delight and joyful moods you will grow and advance spiritually. People who indulge in negativity are destructive to themselves and to others. People who dwell in positive, hopeful moods benefit themselves as well as everyone in their environment. "When two or more are fused as one, Spirit's work on earth is done." This means when your conscious and subconscious mind are in agreement, manifestation will occur. It also means that when someone else originates an idea and you resonate with it - manifestation will occur. Let me give you some examples of the later point: A.Have you ever seen road rage? Someone gets real upset and starts honking his or her horn, cutting off people etc. Next thing you know 5 other cars are beeping and cursing someone. If you are someone who gets frustrated, upset and bent out of shape easily, and you meet Mr. Road Rage while out for a drive, you can bet money that once those angry thoughts are in the air and you respond, you will have become his or her road partner. You may not even know why you are suddenly mad or in a bad mood, or have a headache when you get home. B.Did you ever notice that come a certain season you are bombarded with cold and flu suggestions? Someone who is in the habit of letting his or her feelings run wild will tend to get sick. On the other hand if you are a positive, upbeat, happy person who always strengthens your health beliefs you will not resonate with this disease strategy. C.If you are vulnerable and can easily be made to feel guilty by an aggressive, jealous person and you walk into their energy field, you can bet millions that their vibrations will strike a blow at the guilt cells in your brain. They will strangle your joy and leave you impotent and unable to walk away from their nonsense. Negative thoughts are detrimental to the person thinking them as well as those who resonate with them. D.Have you ever tried to change a drinking or eating habit? You are going along doing fine when someone you care about lashes out at you with a comment that collapses your focus. It strikes up a chord of rejection in your memory bank. Before you know it, you are back at the cookie jar or reaching for the nearest drink. As the Dalai Lama once said: "The road to happiness is rigged with land mines. There are destructive emotions that cause pain and suffering and can be triggered at any time by people whose minds are not trained to apply the antidotes to overpower the negative with the positive." Rest assured that whatever energy you give off and arouse in others you will in time attract back a similar amount of that same energy. Until you know how to move into new states of mind and consciously energize new positive images you will be at the mercy of negative personalities and their misuse of energy. Toxic people love to scream and rant about what is wrong with everything and everyone. They try to ignite fear in others. The next time your world comes crashing down all around you and you feel like you are being targeted with negative images fueled by terror and fear, stop everything. Step back and go refocus and re-energize yourself. Turn to the Source of All That Is. Rather then feeling exhausted and irritated you will feel energized and alive. Rather then feeling unjustly attacked you will feel protected and safe. Rather then feeling rejected and unappreciated you will feel accepted, acknowledged and loved. Here are a few suggestions on recycling your feelings. 1.Never surrender your joy. Learn to deflect rather then engage. Educate and communicate. If someone shouts the sky is falling, you might say "yes, but its such a beautiful color blue, and on such a perfect glorious day"? In other words, anchor yourself in the present moment where peace and goodness prevail. The negative energy will boomerang if you are not resonating with it. 2.Do your best to lighten up and resist the urge to challenge negative people if you are still resonating from old fearful feelings. It takes two to tango. Either walk off the dance floor or do a solo. 3.If someone close to you is content to run their mouth on the latest disease that is sure to wipe out the planet, rather then succumb to their gloom and doom, you might remind them that "All is well in the bigger picture". As soon as you can, find a reason to end the conversation. 4.Look for opportunities to uplift yourself. 5.No one can stop you from thinking wonderful, creative, prosperous thoughts. As you do this you will set desirable things into motion. 6.Believe that everything is simply magnificent in your life. The happier you are, the more room there is for the fulfillment of dreams. 7.Pay attention to your feelings. They are always telling you if you are drawing your dream to yourself or pushing it away. 8.The moment you feel yourself on a negative course pay attention to the signal. Change directions and start focusing in the direction of the solution. "Your Feelings are your point of attraction. What you seek (feel) is seeking you. Simply put this means you are always free to move in and out of any feeling/frequency at any moment you desire to experience a new result." Your emotions are your inner guides. They tell you what direction your life experience is going in. The more frustrated and irritated you are the more you know your dreams and life remain unfulfilled. The more joy filled you are the more you know you are fulfilling your destiny. What are your emotions telling you?

Melissa Zollo is a leading edge thinker and voice in holistic consciousness on inspiring topics that teach people how to access the Power Within and demonstrate healing principles in their daily lives. She teaches the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation, the Law of Consciousness, and the Law of Identical Harvest. Her empowering ideas create a unique synergy that assists serious seekers to become conscious co- creators.


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