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Ten Top Tips about Committing to Your Niche
by: Mahalene Louis
Among the crucial questions of life, one of great import may just be “what is my niche?” Should you want to answer that question, what path do you follow? Where are “niches” for sale? The word “niche” comes from the French and means “dog house…” Could one say that a niche is where the dog (your offer, your talents, your specialty skills) comes to rest? And since loyalty is a canine virtue, the niche is where you are bound to find your most reliable clients… And if a dog is a man’s best friend, I propose that a niche is your home sweet home, the place where the heart is. I imply that your niche is your beloved.

1. Freedom?

A dog’s loyalty is sometimes viewed as boring while a cat’s freedom can be so much more intriguing… Although the sense of security, of home sweet home, can be reassuring, a niche is strangely enough something professionals resist, in a way not unlike a bachelor resisting commitment and marriage. The thought might be that it is too limiting to have just one relationship, one niche, when they are so many attractive possibilities… How can I pick?

2. Until Death Do Us Part

And why tying the knot when there are so many risks to not liking your niche after a while? Maybe the advantages, call them “bones,” don’t have enough marrow to decide someone to say “I do…” Once you are no longer afraid that your niche might be difficult to choose, you may find yourself concerned that this commitment is a forever thing, that you won’t ever ever be able to move again! I believe this is termed a case of “cold feet!”

3. Decisions, Decisions…

Possibly, you have narrowed your choices down to two prospects; a blond, and a brunet, and your heart is balancing between both… Maybe it is that your niche is to cater to artists, and to engineers… One has qualities the other hasn’t. See if you can assess what those two “beauties” have in common, the ways they are similar…

4. Oh, Oh, I Need You So…

Now that you have surrendered to the wisdom of finding your niche, ask yourself: Where are you most needed? Where can your work be most appreciated? Where are the people whose dreams would be fulfilled by your offering, whose hunger would be nourished by your gift, whose challenges would be soothed by your talents? Who is it natural, easy and fun for you to serve?

5. A Match Made In Heaven

After a while, you may start noticing recurring themes, and feel that you are consistently at the right time and the right place. You will recognize patterns, and decipher who is naturally drawn to your talents. Your niche is the place where you have a natural advantage because you're in the flow of life. The poet says: ”Today may be the day when I meet the Beloved…” Today may be the day when your niche comes to you…

6. I And My Beloved Are One…

Beyond the physical attraction, is the relationship going to last? You may either stipulate on the type of clients you wish to attract, or learn from the clients you have already attracted and assess the impact you made. Beyond Karmic relationships, the other possibility is to come to know yourself, to meet yourself, to love yourself. Since your match (client) can only be a mirror of who you are, you may choose to develop your strengths and talents, while working on your shortcomings. Thus the outer reflection will reveal more and more to you the beauties of your inner Beloved.

7. The Question Of Soul Mates

In matters of niche, I have heard one of my favorite marketing experts, Kendall Summerhawk, talk of “core deliverables,” as what is delivered from your heart… Should you reveal in writing, that is your core deliverable. Or it may be the internet, art, or speaking. As a matter of fact, here is where the myth of the one and only is just not acceptable! In truth, we have as many soul mates, as we have core deliverables…

8. True Love

Do you feel a passion for this? Do you like the neighborhood of your niche? Is the exposition correct for you? Has your intuition led you to this? Are you having an opportunity to bring all that you are to the table? Can you be brilliant, powerful and talented beyond measure in your niche environment? Is it the optimal place for you to show up, and turn on your light?

9. What About Children?

In niche mating, the children are the benefits experienced by the clients, the results they receive from playing with you; your legacy, if you would… What do you provide your clients? What emotions does your work trigger? Is it peace of mind, joy, ease, revelation, motivation, empowerment? Is it exaltation, the knowing of your own leadership, of your own greatness?

10. Happily Forever After

Time flies when you’re having fun, and soon you find yourself happily married to your Beloved niche. Not only do you have children that make you a proud parent, and also, you come to enjoy the respectability of being viewed as an expert, and the many referrals that come from that. Narrowing your focus has now made you genuinely more visible in your field. The long forgotten fear of saying “I do” has turned into the vibrant “YES” that breeds confidence and success. From dogs and cats to niches and sweet homes, love is here to stay!

This piece was originally submitted by Mahalene Louis, Inspiration Anchor, Artist, Author, and Speaker, who can be reached at, via phone 512.632.8952 or visited on the web at Mahalene Louis wants you to know: As an Inspiration Anchor, I offer an engaging e-zine, free teleclasses and Turn on the Light!, a unique program to assist the creative genius in you to express and market your gifts successfully. Turn on the Light! inspires you to show up as a stunning masterpiece of unbridled passion and creativity, and to evolve consciousness by acting in alignment with the powerful force you are.

About the Author

Mahalene, a native of France, began her career as a journalist and teacher in Europe. She spent her first twenty years in the US as a self-supporting artist while soon consulting with people on self-empowerment. As she is in all accounts a “true artist,” one of her greatest gifts as an inspiration anchor is to offer “a new way to look at it,” which is greatly instrumental to increase chances of success, prosperity, and happiness.


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