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Refinancing Second Mortgage
by: Lance Williams
Refinancing is the process of replacing an existing loan with another lower interest rate loan for the same amount. Rate of interest is the rate in percentage charged by the mortgage lender in calculating the outstanding principal balance. Attraction to have mortgage with minimum interest rates, is the main motive behind refinancing practice. Besides, when the borrower is unable to pay off the debts of current mortgage, then the only best way left is to through refinancing.

Second Mortgage is the second loan against a specific piece of property. It is a mortgage subsequent to another mortgage and subordinate to the first one. ( )

People choose to second mortgage, as their benefits outnumber the drawbacks. Second mortgage is very readily available this encourages its financing. Borrowers can enjoy reduction in monthly payments, if the rates have dropped since the purchase of his/her home. Thus enabling a borrower to save, spend or invest more money each month. They can use the equity build into their homes and utilize this money for home improvements, college tuitions, etc. Refinancing a second mortgage can help borrowers to regain control of their personal debt. By it, borrowers could pay off other debts and consolidate all their debt into one mortgage loan. This would significantly decrease their interest on credit card debt. It can enable the borrowers to convert their adjustable rate mortgage ( ) into a fixed rate mortgage ( ) . The closing costs for refinancing a second mortgage are lower than the closing costs for first mortgage. ( )

Refinancing a second mortgage becomes less favorable, if there are prepayments fees attached to the first mortgage. If the borrower has to pay very huge costs at the time of refinancing, then also he/she can deviate from refinancing. The second mortgage lender must agree in writing to subordinate his claim to a new first mortgage.

The old rule of thumb was that you should refinance a second mortgage only if the rate is at least one percent lower than your current rate, but in these times of no- or low-cost refinance loans, you may decide that refinancing is in your best interest. If you are halfway through your mortgage term, it is probably not in your favor to refinance because you are now paying more in principle than interest.
In short refinancing a second mortgage is worthwhile if properly utilized.

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