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Common Sense Ideas For a More Profitable Affiliate Program
by: John Karnish
Before you create your affiliate program, or in
the early stages, you need to make it is as easy
as possible for your affiliates to make a sale.
You should have your site tweaked to the point
that the only work your affiliates have to
do is bring visitors to your site.

How do you do this? You have to keep testing your
site, sales copy and so on till you get the best
visitor to sale ratio you can.

Some of the things to test are the headline
(extremely important), which benefits of your
product you emphasize, price, your ad copy, and
whatever you think may make a difference.

You also want to test to see which ads bring in
the most visitors. The same is true for banners.
Then you want to share all of these with your

If you find that a particular text link works
well, share the wording with your affiliates.
Don't assume that your affiliates can write
winning ads or create great banners, because
they probably can't. Plus, by doing a little
more work you'll be making a lot more money
in the long run.

In my article, "Joining the Right Affiliate
Program," I stress that it is important to
realize that most of your success when you
join an affiliate program depends on the
amount of visitors you attract to your site.
Simply put, you can't sell a product if you
don't have a buyer.

You may want to make this clear to potential
affiliates. A lot of people with affiliate
programs complain about someone who builds
their first web-site, joined their affiliate
program, put a banner on his/her site, and a
month later e-mail them to find out why they
didn't make $1000 last month.

So what am I rambling about? You should decide
whether you're going to let anyone sign up,
only sites with good traffic, or maybe even
warn of the difficulties sites with low
traffic might have making sales.

The reason is that usually 10% of your
affiliates make 90% of your sales. So it is
a lot easier only having that 10%. They know
what they are doing so you don't have to answer
simple questions. It's easier sending out the
checks. Basically you have more free time and
less problems.

If you accept anyone who wants to join, you'll
make some more money but you'll spend a lot
more time on paper work, you'll have a lot
more e-mail to answer and in general you'll
just have more tedious work.

Only you can decide which is best for you.
Some things to think about are how much money
you want to make, how much free time you want
to have, what kind of lifestyle you want to
live and so on.

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