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Building A Business With Affiliate Programs
by: Tim Fulcher
>>= Building A Business With Affiliate Programs

>>= What In The World Is an Affiliate Program??

For those who are a bit new to all this e-commerce - let me just explain

An Affiliate Program is where someone has produced an outstanding product they want to sell. But... [here is the good bit] They will let you sell it for them and you keep anything up to 80% of the money!!

Sounds cool - hey!! Yeah well nothing in life is a simple as it seems - but just stay with the idea - because I did, and I dont go to work anymore!!

>>= Why Dont They Sell It Themselves??


Here's a good FAQ (frequently Asked Question if ive lost you!!) Say you've produced a great product and you want to sell it online - then why would you want a load of other people to sell it for you??

Its actually quite simple. On the web there are thousands **correction** billions of websites!! So if you simply let other people sell your product for you then before you know whats happened a link is there to your product on thousands **correction** billions of websites!!

And.... You are not paying anything for the advertising

If you're a Merchant - thats the guy thats produced the product. Then think how much money you could save just by paying NOTHING in advertising

>>= What Sort Of Products??

Lets take a look at the products

You might be thinking well OK. So I can make a load of money selling someone elses products. But what sort of products are they

>>= All Kinds Of Products

Their are all sorts of products that you can sell online by joining an Affiliate Program. Things like perfume, clothes, bags, cameras, slimming formulas, advertising, ebooks, umbrellas, holidays, car cleaning kits, actually just about anything.

>>= OK Lets Get Back to The Billions Of Websites!!

Now you remember I said there were Billions of websites out there

Now do a search on Google - how many sites do you come up with. The answer is a measly 10!! Google only give you 10 sites out of billions when you do a search. So how do all the other sites get noticed??


>>= Links Pages Use Networking

You must have seen the "links page" on websites all over the place How did those links get there?? By NETWORKING!!

Webmasters work TOGETHER and agree to put your link on their page if you put their link on your page!! But not all the links on all the links pages are the same

So if I link to your page then everyone from my site that clicks your link will ALSO get ALL your links. Can you see after a few websites the number of links someone might see is THOUSANDS!!

The power of NETWORKING is massive!!

>>= Using Networking With Your Affiliate Program

The power of NETWORKING with your Affiliate Program is to make sure your link appears on millions of websites so that all round the net people are buying your product as a result of TEAM WORK!!

>>= How Do We Get From The Small Guy with No Money To The Big Guy Making Millions??

OK Well of course it takes time BUT Anyone can do it, YOU can do it - with Team Work!!

>>= Finding Out More

There are lots of places you can find out more, or just watch out for more from my other articles!!

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