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Weight Loss Plateaus: You Can Lose the Weight!
by: Jeff Lugeanbeal

By Jeff Lugeanbeal-
Weight Loss Plateaus- The most common problem when on any weight loss program is the dreaded weight loss plateau.

Youíve been on a diet for a while, lost a few pounds, your starting to look better, you feel really good about your self, and then all of a sudden you hit a brick wall!

I know your attempts at weight loss can drive you nuts. You feel you are doing everything right and you just canít seem to lose any more weight.

The Most Common Mistakes

The most common mistake people make in desperation is to eat less and starve their bodies even more. You see, in most cases, youíve been restricting your calories too much and your bodyís own internal mechanism has slowed down your metabolism.

The other cause could be that you are overeating and not burning off enough calories. But it has been my experience that most people are not consuming enough calories.

Your Body Adjusts To You Eating Fewer Calories, and Your Metabolism Slows!

Yes it is true, If you go on a calorie reduction diet your bodyís metabolism will slow down after a week or two. So what can you do?

Tips to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau and Start Losing the Body Fat

1. Do not starve yourself

2. If you have been restricting calories, Eat More. Yes, increase your calorie intake, but please donít eat a bunch of junk food! Increase your calories for 1-2 days.

3. Start exercising or increase the intensity of your workout. As you probably know exercise is one of the best things you can do to lose weight, and it is also healthy for your body!

4. Remember to eat healthy and stay away from the junk food!

5. Remember, everyone hitís a plateau, donít beat yourself up, Persistence will pay off!

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Jeff Lugeanbeal- Sought after Health and fitness professional, motivational and nutritional coach, is a recognized authority On the subject of weight loss. His Web site, provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you'd ever need to know about permanent, natural fat loss and will help you achieve the body youíve always wanted.


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