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Indulge in Water Therapy for Weight Loss
by: Tom Crystal
We never know the worth of water
Till the well is dry.

Thomas Fuller

We get water in abundance and yet fail to grasp the worth of it. Plenty of water in your daily day diet will show glowing health results. To stay healthy, drink water in plenty. Doctors suggest 8 glasses of water a day. We believe that drinking lots of water will give puffy abs, but this is not true at all. Water flushes sodium from our body and it kills the bloat.

The popular water effects

•It suppresses appetite
•It metabolizes fat into energy
•Water helps muscle stimulation
•Lots of water will reduce body fat deposition
•Kidneys function properly with good water intake
•Water pampers the liver too
• It helps dehydration and relaxes us
•Water dissolves nutrients such as oxygen and minerals to the body
• It flushes the toxins
•It prevents constipation
•Burning calories is a process which requires water in good quantities

Calorie comparison of some drinks-

Soft Drinks (6 fl oz): Calories
7-Up: 80
Cola: 80
Cherry Cola: 80
Lemon-Lime: 70
Apple Juice: 90
Grape juice: 110
Orange Juice: 90
Pineapple Juice: 100
Cranberry Juice: 100
Water: 0

Water is a zero-calorie drink. So substitute it with fruit juices or soft drinks and take the first step towards a weight loss goal. If you drink enough water regularly you can lose up to 5 pounds a week. Increase your weight loss by taking cold water as your body needs to heat up the water generating calorie loss. Drink water when you are hungry between meals or just before one. Even if you are fit and not aiming for a weight loss, don’t lose touch with water therapy as it’s good for each one of us. Also, it’s free of cost, easily available, natural, with no side effects and good for health. So why not take to water therapy and feel good about yourself.

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