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Diet Tips -- Experience the Benefits of Weight Loss
by: Michael A. Smith, MD
<h1 align="center">Diet Tips</h1><h2 align="center">Experience the Benefits of Weight Loss</h2>Do you really have confidence in the hundreds of diet tips published on the net? I don't. Most are just substance, no real action to take, no real results.

Each diet tip listed below is designed to provide you with at least one specific benefit from losing weight. However, to experience the benefits provided by the diet tips, all five must be completed.<h3>Diet Tips & Benefits</h3>Do the best you can do to complete each tip. Perfection is not required to lose weight, but be persistent in your weight loss efforts.

This article assumes you're currently trying to lose weight by dieting, exercising, taking supplements, or by following alternative methods (acupuncture, magnetism).<ol><li>Eat More Protein. Every meal should include a serving of lean protein. Added protein helps to preserve muscle tissue and burn fat.

To accelerate fat loss, drink a protein shake half way through the second longest fast of the day (usually between lunch and dinner).

Benefit--Losing fat, not muscle, to reduce your weight.

<li>Stabilize Your Metabolism. The only way to truly stabilize your metabolic rate and prevent its inevitable diet induced slow down is to tone major muscle groups.

Notice that I didn't say to "build muscle", only to "tone" them. The great news is how incredibly easy it is to tone muscle. Here's how to do it:

<ul><li>Learn how to properly stretch each muscle group. Perform the stretching exercises 3 times per day (each session approximately takes 10 to 15 minutes).

<li>Walk for 45 minutes 3-4 times per week. After one week add ankle and wrist weights. After two weeks, start walking up hills (or on an incline if using a treadmill).

<li>When your conditioning improves, start using to accelerate the toning process.

Give it try. It's so easy to tone you'll feel great!</li></ul>

Benefit--A stable metabolic rate that won't slow down when you lose weight. If your metabolic rate doesn't drop, then you won't experience weight regain.

<li>Shape Your Weight Loss Goal. Break your weight loss goal into 2, 3, or 4 smaller goals or dieting sessions. Focus on one session at a time forgetting about the other sessions still to come. Shaping is a concept derived from "success breeds success."

Benefit--Motivation to lose weight that won't fade. Several small successes can keep you motivated to stay on your diet and reach your ultimate goal.

<li>Eliminate Food Cravings by "Coupling" . Food cravings cause diet drop out. Diet drop out leads to high failure rates. Coupling works to eliminate food cravings, keeping you from dropping out.

On the 5th week of dieting, follow a different diet plan for one week. I recommend the very effective...low calorie diet. Keep the proportions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates equal and simply reduce your caloric intake by 250-550 calories a day. During the week, add small portions of the foods you crave.

Resume the original diet after one week.

Benefit--Eliminates food cravings, diet drop out, and increases your chance for success.

<li>Join a Support Group. On-line support groups provide counseling, advice, and fellowship with other dieters.

I like Weight Watchers' on-line support group. And the last time I checked, anyone was allowed to join.

Benefit--Improved self-esteem, new friends, and security (you're not alone).</li></ol>Action oriented diet tips that work. For even more tips without any "fluff", visit

To Healthy Living!

Michael A. Smith, MD
Chief Medical Consultant
Diet Basics Website
About the Author

Dr. Smith is the Chief Medical Consultant of Diet Basics, a content rich website dedicated to all dieters. Visit his site at and see for yourself a real professional weight loss website.


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