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by: Bob Hansen

Add Swapping for free with other new letters and ezines. Add swapping is a great way to be seen on the net. I hope you will have a better understanding of the need and the importance of good advertising by the end of this article. It's helped us to get noticed.

If you're already making money hand over fist then you know alot of the many secrets of e business. There are those who haven't a clue though when it comes to successful ezine. I know I was once one of the many.

After several failed attempts to gain support I made the switch to free advertising. That's right free! Why free? Well keep reading to learn about this well kept secret.

There are several sites who would love nothing more than to place a simple 3 line entry in a well placed ezine. We here at Cameo Clothes News provide that to all new ezines. In return we have our add placed in
theirs as well. This is much like the old banner exchanges, you show mine and I'll show yours. Difference is IT'S ALL FOR FREE.

With the Opt In email you have your target gathered already, they've come to you directly. These are people who have signed up for, and have already been part of an ongoing ezine, the other nice part about it, it's absolutelutly painless to you. Remember nothing ventured nothing gained. By sharing space you have all there is to gain, exposure.

By now your wondering how you find these great lists right? Well, we stumbled across a site long ago that had several exe files available that explained much of what I'm telling your now, and best of all, it was you guessed it FREE information. Care to learn more you can.

I would love to charge money for this information but just like others out there.
I believe this should be readily available just for the asking. That's why
I have no problem with telling you these great tips. is the answer to your ezine questions. We have all the files available for downloading right now.

Ok you're still confused about why free and not for money right? Remember when you first started out and you signed up for every conceivable new letter that you thought would help you get to where you are today? Well, these same new starters are in that very same spot now. By not only helping them you've helped your own self by getting your add in front of your competition faster and more often with less time spent.

I can't stress it enough, It's just that simple. So work on a standard 3 line add keep it simple and start sending it out to everyone on the list now. You can get updates as well and offer your space every month. Who knows by next month you'll have more traffic than you'll know what to do with.

Here's another tip not many people consider to gather new subscribers. Using web forms are a great way to meet your visitors and guests who come into your site. Alot of the older sites already know this technique. As much as we hate spam mail we are subject to it by simply listing with that site.

You can do virtually the same thing with your form by using an auto responder. If your site doesn't have that much traffic coming in then you simply can use the email address gained from your forms an send out a "Canned" letter about your ezine through your ezine host. To simplify this use your email template feature and then copy and paste to your hosts invitation area. You'll want to use your subscribe address in the TO: block also. If you wish to add it in the body of the letter itself then be sure proceed it with mailto: this will then make your address a hypertext link for your readers to use.

Be sure to also include a REMOVE address as well generally works well if you have an alias option from your web host. If not you can open a free mail account to handle this mail and then delete the names as they come in if need be.

Keep a separate list of the addresses in your email program of all your contacts and
periodically compare it to the subscribers. Resend these people an invitation in a few days explaining why your ezine is the best for them to join.

Good Luck with your subscriptions and happy ezining

Bob Hansen is the editor and webmaster for the following sites and has been doing it now for well over 6 yrs. His knowledge and expert advice has helped many new web designers bring in more traffic than they thought possible.
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