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by: Janice Johnson
Hearing that some natural foods actually induce and promote acne is not something we commonly hear. Some say, ďthatís impossible!Ē But itís true.

There are some natural foods that actually lead to blemishes and acne Ė regardless of whether you are a teenager or an adult. Acne can be prevalent in adults as well as teenagers and there are ways we can avoid it Ė although the pharmaceutical and drug companies will tell you otherwise.

The drug companies occupy a billion dollar industry and thereís a lot of money to be made. What the public doesnít know is advantageous for these companies because it keeps us coming back for more treatments - that continue to feed this huge industry.
But what many people with acne also donít realize is that what we eat can actually have a huge impact on our skin. What does this mean for us? It means less money spent on medicines and treatments and more time spent on enjoying life.

The Close Relationship between Food and Acne:

Did you know that mangos, bagels, potatoes, popcorn, papaya, and many other ďnaturalĒ foods (which I wonít tell you about here) actually cause acne? Itís true. These foods are inflammation-inducing foods which cause problems such as a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. This leads to a burst of inflammation on a cellular level. Basically, as our insulin rises, this leads to increased inflammation throughout our bodies.

It is essential that we stick to eating anti-inflammatory foods like apples, oatmeal, yogurt, fish and celery (to name a few). There are tons more but youíll only learn that by visiting There Iíll share with you the secret foods that actually do induce acne. Iíll also share with you recipes and natural foods that actually stop acne dead! No more expensive drugs...

You will find the secret is right in your very own kitchen! ReallyÖ itís all in what you eat. Iíll give you the acne-secrets that will treat your acne. Youíll be amazed!

Remember, your health and well-being is your responsibility. Take care of your skin. It will love you for it!

About the Author

Janice Johnson is the founder of which offers all-natural tips, information and recipes to help treat acne naturally in both teenagers and adults.


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