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The Benefits of Fiberglass Tonneau Covers -
by: Ken Marlborough
Fiberglass Tonneau covers are the latest trend in pickup truck cargo care. These lids are lightweight, easy to install and use, and customizable. Hard Fiberglass Tonneau Covers have locking mechanisms to ensure that items contained on the truck bed are kept safe. Many Fiberglass Tonneau covers have handles near the tailgate for easy use, and some open the bed in unique ways. Fiberglass Tonneau covers look great, allowing the owner to add a touch of style to the truck. Most fiberglass Tonneau covers cost at least $500.

Fiberglass is a lightweight yet strong material. Entire cars are sometimes made of fiberglass. Hard fiberglass Tonneau covers are light enough to be installed and operated easily, but durable enough to withstand the worst that the weather and road have to offer. These covers can often be installed with just a wrench and a few screws. This saves the owner from having to drill unsightly holes in the truck.

Hard fiberglass Tonneau covers are easy to operate. Since they are so light, anyone can lift the cover, secure it in place, and access the truck bed. Most fiberglass Tonneau covers have hinges near the bed of the truck and can open from tailgate. Some models have hinges running in the middle of the bed from the cab to the tailgate. These covers can be opened from either side.

Hard fiberglass Tonneau covers can be customized for each truck, matching the color to that of the truck. People can paint emblems and designs on them as well. Most fiberglass Tonneau covers have a handle situated over the tailgate that adds a professional look. Some models include a wing on the back end that adds to the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Fiberglass Tonneau covers are a good investments for those who take pride in their pickup trucks. While adding a personalized style to the truck, they provide security for its cargo.

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