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Protect Your Carís Interior from Winter Grime
by: ARA
(ARA) - Americans spend a good part of their lives in their cars -- commuting to work, carpooling, and hauling materials for household projects. Spending more time in the car means doing more in the car, as well. We sip our lattes in the morning, eat our fast food lunches, feed the kids snacks en route from one activity to the next.

All this hustle and bustle can take a toll on your carís interior, especially in the sloppy winter months. On top of the usual food spills and drink drips, your car is subjected to snow melting off of boots onto the floor, salt and sand being tracked in and other winter messes.

Short of buying a new car every week, how can you keep your interior looking showroom clean? The I Dig Pig Store offers a number of products that make quick work of cleanups, as well as items that help keep the mess from happening in the first place.

Adapted from the companyís industrial division (New Pig Corporation), and used for 18 years in thousands of factories worldwide, these products have stood the test of time and grime. In industry, the Pig brand is famous for innovative ways to speed up workplace tasks. Now the company is turning its attention to helping busy people save time at home.

Many of the Tipton, Pa.-based companyís products are based on its Pig absorbent fabric, which is an eight-layer material specially bonded to make it 100 times stronger than paper towels. It absorbs large amounts of liquids evenly and quickly.

The CrudCoaster Cupholder Insert is a perfect example of how the Pig fabric helps prevent messes before they happen. Take a preemptive strike against spills by popping a CrudCoaster absorbent disk into all your cupholders to soak up any leaks or spills. When you know itís time, just remove the Insert, toss it and put in a new one.

The same fabric is also used in Pig Car Liners. These convenient, perforated sheets soak up and hold drippy, gunky messes. Keep a pack of Liners in your car and use them anytime your vehicleís carpet is at risk. Taking a casserole to that holiday party? Donít take chances. Put a Liner underneath it to catch the occasional drips. Picking the kids up from skating or sledding? Lay down a Liner before you make your rounds to soak up melting snow and ice or runoff from muddy boots.

Now that your car is sparkling, youíll want to park it in a clean garage. You can use the Pig Absorbent Mat Roll to protect your garage floor from drips during oil changes or protecting your pavement during repairs. The Mat not only helps to prevent grimy messes and slippery spots in your garage and driveway, but it also comes in handy for wet messes inside the house, like when the washing machine overflows, a gallon of milk falls off the counter or someone forgets to close the window during a rainstorm.

And just in case any dirt somehow sneaks into the garage, stop it at the door with the Pig Sticky Steps Tablet. Experts say 70 percent of the dirt in our homes comes in on shoe soles. The ultra-sticky adhesive surface of these mats literally rips dirt from shoe soles, without transferring adhesive to your floors.

The I Dig Pig people have a wealth of time-saving, dirt-busting products for your home, car, RV, boat, and more. Check them out at, or call (866) IDigPig (434-4744).

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