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Best Advice and Tips to Be Used when Parking
by: Ispas Marin
You are a driver so you know that incidents may happen not just on the road, but also in parking lots. Most of the incidents caused by violent drivers are taking place in suburban parking lots. In order to avoid getting caught in a violent parking lot incident, you should keep in mind some tips:

- Use common courtesy in your actions to prevent behaviour that may disturb other drivers.

- Retain yourself from acting aggressively towards other drivers by controlling your stress level.

- Stay calm and keep your cool whenever you are involved in a parking incident. Always take into consideration the possible outcome of your behaviour.

- Try to let pedestrians cross the street in front of your car as often as possible. Remember that you are sitting comfortable in your car while they may be walking in snow, rain or hot sun. According to parking services regulations, pedestrians are always having the right of way. And always be careful at small children. They can jump in front of your car at any moment.

- Signal whenever you want to turn, even if you are driving slowly. Driving in a parking lot doesnít mean you have to ignore driving regulations.

- Occupy only one parking space.

- Respect parking services requirements and donít use a parking space for a disabled person if you are not disabled. Common sense should also stop you from acting in this manner.

- Most parking lots have drop-off zones and no-standing areas. Donít park in these places as you will be causing activity blockage in that area.

- Donít steal other driversí parking spaces. This action is the cause of the majority of aggressive incidents that occur in parking lots.

- Try not to use any obscene gestures as they will definitely offend other drivers. Try not to keep in mind that the other drivers might misinterpret your gestures, so donít use any irritating moves.

- Donít use your car phone while parking your car. A parking services statistics stated that fender-benders caused by drivers talking on the phone while parking their cars is the second most common cause for violent incidents.

- Avoid eye contact as much as possible if another driver is looking for a fight. Get out of there ignoring his/her aggressive behaviour. If the violent driver is following you, go to the nearest police station to let the officers know what is happening.

- And always remember that if everyone would be using their common sense, there wonít be so many violent incidents in parking lots. Therefore, donít forget to be polite and considerate!

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