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Cancer and Chlorine
by: Dawn Kornels
Chlorination of water began in the 1890's and was widely accepted in the U.S. by 1920. Over 75% of homes in America have chlorinated water. The dangers of chlorination far outweigh the supposed benefits. Chlorine even in low levels is an oxidant that causes cellular damage .Most tap water has been found to exceed the recommended 1.6 ppm of chlorine in it.

The American Journal of Health states that chlorine is linked to an increase in certain types of cancer, asthmas and skin irritations. In a 1987 study by the National Cancer Institute, the FDA and EPA found an increased risk of bladder cancer with long term consumption of chlorinated water. The EPA says that chlorine follows cigarette smoke in leading causes of cancer. An experiment done on chickens by adding chlorine to their water caused 95% of them to develop atherosclerosis.

Two-thirds of the harmful chlorine exposure actually comes from showering. A 15 minute hot steamy shower is equivalent to drinking 8 glasses of water because of the vapors inhaled. The EPA states that "Due to chlorine and showering virtually every home in America has a detectable level of chloroform in the air." This is because chlorine vaporizes in steam and combines with other organic compounds into chloroform which is a strong respiratory irritant and causes fatigue. A warm shower opens pores and allows a high rate of absorption. During a shower, 98% of the water goes down the drain, while 70-90% of the chemicals vaporize before the water hits the ground and the vapors remain in the air.

Due to chlorine and the combination of many chemicals used in household cleaning,the average indoor air is 5 times more toxic than outdoor air regardless of whether the home is in the city or a rural area. Cancer has been shown to grow twice as fast indoors than outdoors. Bathing in chlorinated water also strips the natural protective oils in the skin and hair causing scaling and itching and is a major irritant for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It kills the beneficial bacteria on the surface of the skin that offer a natural defense against skin disorders.

About the author:
Dawn Kornels is the technical writer for http://www.ultimatewaterfilter.comwhich offers water solutions for the whole house.

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